well, i think that we need more units like goku, frieza and vegeta, but the 40% defense is a bit low in my opinion. Hey look at Phy VB, in comparison Cooler is poor because who needs support buffs, have you seen this counter damage? ive been thinking about how we dont have a proper str or int transforming unit like the teq frieza, agl goku, and phy vegeta and id love a gohan unit to be an option too. His versatility outside of stacking ATK&DEF is also much to be desired, and he links poorly with almost everyone. So, we're going to make a bulleted list that goes through fast facts of units that either offensively surpass Gohan, defensively surpass him, or do both. Remember to never put ssj4 goku first. But let's talk about defensive facts; Cooler on turn 3 facing anyone who's a Pure Saiyan or Hybrid sayian - something he has well over half the game to face - will output him with no support @ 187,000 defense. Lots of comments saying he's the best TUR show up in not so many words across many outlets in the subreddit, so, I think I'd like to challenge those claims. Transforms when conditions are met, PS: ATK+100%, DEF+60%, chance of performing a critical hit +24%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And his stacks are actually equivalent to adding 120% DEF to his passive, so if you manage to additional super in the first turn, that's equal to a unit having a 360% defensive boost with goddamn guard. All of the units here will easily and casually have extremely similar defensive performance while completely and easily outdoing him in an attack focused setting. This took a lot of effort and research to compile, and I could not have done it alone. Even normal attacks that are type advantage against him will deal quite a bit of damage. - Over in a Flash is only after transforming, he has Prepared for Battle before - Switches type from Super to Extreme when transforming, so can only be run by using a full TEQ Lead like Gotenks: A4: Whirlwind Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku - Immense modifier, uncommon on non-DFE units and raises ATK & DEF for 1 turn too (SA) - Gives all allies Ki +3 The ability to consistently debuff your enemy - primarily through lowering ATK or Sealing Supers. There's nothing wrong with loving Gohan and him being your favorite unit. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! Well, yeah.. That's unfortunately what you need to do to deconstruct a unit. Some might consider it unfair to compare Gohan to units like LRs.. Gohan, meanwhile, with 50% defense from links and a single defense stack from his super attack, will sit at 261,112. i hear he’s op like the teq transforming gohan,is this true? teq transforming gohan dokkan. Firstly, let me make something very clear; Any unit that can infinitely greatly raise ATK & DEF on every single super attack is hardly a bad unit. Transforms when conditions are met, PS: ATK+120%, DEF+40%, chance of performing a critical hit +30%; raises ATK & DEF by 50% and recovers 30% HP (once only), Super Attack: Causes immense damage and greatly lowers ATK. This is a free tool that helps you find the best linking partner for any … Not enough damage to matter, though. Also can’t discount the fact that he’s one of the best units without dupes. So the issue is basically thus; Gohan's defensive value when you discount being a stacker for long events isn't that impressive when you consider the fact that his offensive value is EXTREMELY poor for his weight class. Not only does Cooler also stack attack upon transforming, but he links quite well with his partners - giving them quite a bit of surplus damage and attack, as well - but Cooler's guaranteed crit against much of the game's content in conjunction with his already high output transformed makes this a no contest situation. In fact, I want the opposite - I want anyone who loves Gohan to continue to unashamedly love him because it's dope when people find joy in things. Which is his second issue. That is .1% more than teq ultimate gohan, making str ultimate gohan far superior. Yeah the fact he starts by saying Cooler is the best and then works his way back, discounting what Gohan does best without accounting for guard and by comparing him to a bunch of LRs who don't guard is... pretty sus. Today we're going with a slightly more adversarial topic. But this is far worse when you compare him to PHY Transforming Angel Frieza - Frieza is like his brother except he also lowers enemy atk, seals their super attack, has a 30% chance to dodge, and his defense is much higher; easily finding himself at 230,000 after only a single super attack. By making use of the new TEQ Gohan and the Vegito pairs, this team is well-rounded and ready to take on long and short events with minimal effort. Cooler easily doubles Gohan's offensive value in a matter of turns, crushing enemies into dust where Gohan would ping them for a sizable chunk of HP in contrast. An excellent way to consider Gohan as a unit is by his value for stacking in long content. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. itd also keep him around the level of the other 5 stage transformation units, More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. he's more of a defense orientated unit who can still do very good damage of course. However.. After the first Int Future Gohan transforms, the two share nigh identical Link Sets, resulting in +35% Attack and over 4 Ki distributed to each of them. Either way, whether you disagree with me and want to hit me over the head with a large, flat rock - please do not do that - or loved and agreed with all my points.. To make matters worse, Gohan Links very poorly with Androids. However if there's even a single AGL enemy, you have to hide Cooler from them. The ability to have defensive value that isn't only reliant on stacking defense and a guard - Primarily through dodging or damage negation. and , he will transform every turn ? I also have him with 0 dupes, so maybe that matters. One of my least favorite DFE units is "INT LR Cell", who, because of his low overall damage, poor synergistic links, and over-reliance on defense to generate value, is overly lauded as a 'difficult mode killer'. I'm not doing this to bash or attack anyone; And nobody in specific will be named during this post. And Gohan's defensive value only begins to win out against Super attacks at this stage, receiving about 50k or so damage on average, whereas Cooler would receive approximately double to a little over double that; Let's say around 120k or so to be perfectly safe. At rainbow pretty much any top tier unit is amazing tbh. But in this case, Gohan is actually WORSE than cell offensively. I mean, my 1 dupe Gohan has like 200K defense with only 1 stack, while outputting a 3 mil attack stat. Transforming Gohan Idea Fluff ive been thinking about how we dont have a proper str or int transforming unit like the teq frieza, agl goku, and phy vegeta and id love a gohan unit to be an option too. Thanks to u/kariru2, u/LR_AlternativeForce, & u/wipiccioni, I was able to create a great list of defensive and offensive comparisons to hold Gohan accountable to. But for a unit to be considered a 'Best' unit, they have to have this sort of consistent power across ALL stages of the game. He wrote an entire thesis just to be wrong in the end. This work took bit time. I'm simply deconstructing the notion that Gohan is the best in the game, as it's harmful - from my viewpoint - to perpetuate a stereotype that simply isn't true. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! This is sort of going back to my roots in a way; I'm going to break down the strengths of a unit, compare and contrast them to what other information is out there, and we'll see where that leaves us on an overall scale to determine if a unit is as strong as many people claim. Part 1: Stacking isn't as busted as many seem to think. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Well, it's precisely because there are many units that contain at least two of these benefits, and in some scenarios, all three. Cell easily outdoes his attack per turn by well over 2mil, and has maybe 30-40k less defense on average, which, in practice, is effectively nothing - just like it is for many other units on this list. Make sure to have all the def stackers on turn and fast transform namek goku. Not only are his links generally poor for generating ATK link value, but no single partner in the game exists that activates more than 4 of his links simultaneously that has any worth being run on a main rotation; And it makes matters even worse that if you DO reach his 5 turn transformation, He'll regularly completely ruin the partner you run with him.. As his links almost completely change. Five turns until you can finally reach the apex of your strength is pretty problematic - Many units are doing it in only three turns, and in Frieza, Beerus, and many LR's cases - they just do it from the first turn with no worry. I covered NEW TEQ Ultimate Gohan Theme. At other times, he'll feel like a very mid-tier unit because that's what he is in those contextual situations. Later! TEQ Jiren - comparable high defense, stuns foes, reliable access to an extremely strong active that also stuns foes and further boosts defense while having far superior dmg, AGL Caulifla & Kale - Comparable defense with much higher defensive value due to dodging; Much superior offense, STR SSJ4 Vegeta - Much higher defense even at turn 3 or later - Much higher damage even without factoring in the strength of an active skill, which will easily obliterate most foes, INT Godku - Easily crushes Gohan defensively by having a very comparable DEF after super in conjunction with a 50% dodge chance, this unit rarely receives significant damage while blowing Gohan's output completely out of the water, PHY Beerus - The defensive difference between Gohan & Beerus is miniscule after Beerus receives an attack, whereas the offensive difference between the two is comparable to the Marianas trench, STR UI - Laughably outdoes Gohan defensively after dodging a few times - and this is again ignoring the fact that this dude has a 70% chance to dodge in the first place - and again, Gohan has weaker ATK, SSBKK & SSBE - After orb collection, this guys easily break 230k plus def - And it goes without saying Gohan's DMG is miniscule comparatively, PHY Majin Buu (Gotenks) - He has gohan's turn 3 defense turn 1, he heals 12-15% per turn, easy access to an insanely busted kit, far better leader - gohan isn't even a drop of water in the ocean compared to Buu's dmg output, AGL Gohan - Stronger offensively by a mile, very comparable defensively; Although this one is somewhat ironic as I suspect many of TEQ Gohan's strongest allies also love this unit. I do not intend to change your mind on that front! First of all, STR Cooler is hands down a better unit in every way compared to Gohan. Hi! - My answer is an overwhelming yes. Please select one of the cards below or search to find the card you were looking for if it is not listed. Part 2: Stacking defense, but at what cost? that depends on what you think is good. But Babidi/Dabura is coming with the new Battlefield on Global on Monday and that unit is bought with the battlefield gems. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. Thus it's obvious that Cooler is mid /s. So, the question immediately becomes 'Is Cooler's offensive output stronger than Gohan's defensive edge?' ESBR is currently, in my opinion, the only 'hard' content in the game - LGE / IDBH has been powercrept to hell. THIS TIME IS GOHAN’S Number 58! Keep you waiting. If people rate gohan so highly, why don't the rate str kale higher when she is better at almost everything? Gohan is NOT bad, and anyone who tries to frame him as such is frankly on some bullshit. This one’s for you Ultimate Gohan fans. But I don't! not because of how well they do, but because of the things they do being different, because of their categories, their links, and so on. Transforms when conditions are met, PS: ATK+90%, DEF+70%, chance of performing a critical hit +21%. Press J to jump to the feed. I've ALREADY made a hit piece on INT LR Cell in the past explaining that his defensive value is insignificant compared to his offensive value.. .. Gohan would take around 50k, but Cooler would take no less than 200k from a type neutral super, and that's being generous. But there are other units who AREN'T space lizards with daddy issues. As most of you know, these are the best two units in the game by far, so this should come as no surprise to most of you. Many units that have a focus on access to quick and easy defensive and offensive prowess far outpace him in the short term, which makes things complicated for him, especially when many of these units do exceptionally well on long events, as well. It's really very simple; The end result is that both of them will tank against any received normal attack with no effort; And Gohan's defensive value only begins to win out against Super attacks at this stage, receiving about 50k or so damage on average, whereas Cooler would receive approximately double to a little over double that; Let's say around 120k or so to be perfectly safe. so my take on that is as follows (also i am not the most creative when it comes to names for characters), LS: Hybrid Saiyans Category Ki+2, HP, ATK, DEF+120% or Super Class Ki+2, HP, ATK, DEF+80%, PS: ATK & DEF +60%, chance of performing a critical hit +15%, Super Attack: Raises DEF and causes supreme damage to enemy, TUR Great Saiyaman (same transform conditions as the goku, vegeta, and frieza, LS: Hybrid Saiyans Category Ki+3, HP, ATK, DEF +150% or Super Class Ki+3, HP, ATK, DEF +100%, PS: ATK & DEF+80%, chance of performing a critical hit +18%. AGL Baby, STR SV, AGL SSJ4 Goku - But let's make a poignant statement very quickly. This is all BEFORE transforming.. So only a 65k difference, that is if you don't consider guard. But the problem is less that he's "hard to beat" and more that there are units that surpass him in every way; Both defensively in the short term, and offensively in the long term. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version … That’s crazy lol. Also honestly his damage has never even been higher than the pre-transformation version, if at all. I'll see you fellas for the INT Kid buu eza! Meaning from that same turn 3 benchmark, Frieza blows Gohan completely out of the water both offensively AND defensively. His lead is infinitely better; Even after a whole year after releasing, Cooler's lead is basically incomparable to any other in the game. But let's actually talk about it before I pump anyone up too much about if stacking is good or bad. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! Str ultimate gohan has a 25% chance to guard which is only 75% less than 100% so if you round up, str ultimate gohan guards 100.1% of the time. Whenever people continually claim he's the best in the game, you need to compare him against the best in the game; As you can't be the best TUR in the game when the actual existing best TUR already surpasses many LRs. Transformation Boost + Terrifying Conquerors just covers such a gigantic spread of units that it's like Cooler cheated and grabbed the best leader skill first. First of all; there are two or three core mechanics Gohan lacks that I think you have trouble calling any unit #1 or absolutely top tier if they lack. I couldn't have made this post without them. "Bond of Master and Disciple" or "Hybrid Saiyans" Category Ki +3, HP & ATK +170% and DEF +130%: Explosive Dance: Raises ATK and causes immense damage to enemy: Rage Against Androids: ATK +100%; reduces damage received by 58%; Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +30% per "Bond of Master and Disciple" Category ally attacking in the same turn; launches an additional Super Attack when there is an … Transforming Gohan is very hard since the only Team you can reliably use Android #16 together with Gohan in is Androids/Cell Saga, and you’ll have to wait at least 5 turns if you’re using other Android Cards like Cell. | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Cookies help us deliver our Services. We're going to attack Gohan's most illustrious aspect first, as without this leg to stand on, I think he instantly becomes a far weaker unit in many ways. Cooler taking 10k damage from a type advantaged normal is a drop in the bucket. As kariru said, guard is nearly equivalent to a 55% damage reduction, so from a 300k sa, cooler would take 176k and gohan literally 0 damage, that's a pretty big point in gohan's favour I think, doesn't matter if you hit harder, it only matters if you actually survive. Why are these three things so valuable? Access to an active skill transformation relatively early on in the fight to allow you flexibility to choose if you want to remain more defensively / supportively focused, or instead shift into a more complete "attack mode". It sucks because he's still a great unit but they totally butchered the concept of a transforming SS2 Gohan, my making it feel like there's almost 0 incentive to actually transform him. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Gohan has a defence, after his first super attack of 189,842 linked with future gohan int on an hybrid saiyans esbr. Did my guy just write an entire thesis about this. Tweet Rotations might be: lr ssj gohan+ teq goku exchange and bardock+namek goku. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works. and is the new LR babadi/buu a baba shop LR?The new LR is a Prime Battle farmable. “B-b-but teq ultimate gohan leads hybrid saiyan too you freaking idiot!! You're right about Gohan not being the best, but you're really downplaying his turn 1 defense. Simply put, when compared to the two top-tier MMC options, Gohan falters. Press J to jump to the feed. Literally the only thing gohan has on her is the leader skill. It doesn't matter if you can output 5 million damage a turn if you take 350K from a Super. so my take on that is as follows (also i am not the most creative when it comes to names for characters) I do think people are giving Gohan WAY too much credit. You don’t need him to transform to be good in hard hitting modes like ESRB, his base form is good enough. Bear in mind that teams nowadays, especially ones with that cooler is best on, have over 500k health. He isn't a good leader, or nearly a good as support but Gohan is just a better tank, which is what you need for ESBR. Gohan takes a LONG time to get going. Which, upon transforming, Frieza has a great chance to stun any enemy he attacks for a single turn. Meaning no matter who hits him, it's nothing. TEQ Cell is the better Cell but I said STR Cell is the best Android for Gohan’s team which is different. It's really very simple; The end result is that both of them will tank against any received normal attack with no effort; In category ESBR, Cooler's 187k defense isn't really going to be as impressive as you chalk it up to be. ;) Thank you for watching my VID!! This means they have inimitable value on long events such as IDBH & LGE, and when you combine that with a permanent guard, that makes Gohan very hard to beat in value indeed. So Gohan's Defense is Higher; But what does this mean, practically? And you forget that Gohan also has guard against every typing, he doesn't have type disadvantage when it comes to defense. It's just that whenever you consider the fact that Gohan is basically generating surplus defensive value - being far too tanky where the need for such a thing is basically entirely unnecessary almost immediately after he begins to stack his defense - and lacks a lot of the offensive value that'd go into making him TRULY shine, his problems begin to become glaring. There are a couple of reasons for this, but for now.. Let's talk about the defensive abilities Gohan DOESN'T have, that are basically invaluable for things such as ESBR - which, in my opinion, is hands down the most difficult content. If I only made a short post saying "I do not like gohan I think he is bad and stinky!!" Transforms when conditions are met, PS: ATK+110%, DEF+50%, chance of performing a critical hit +27%. he would be a decent heavy hitter with his crits, ideally kept out of the main line of fire. he would transform every turn like the other ones do, and with the 4 turns of super attacks he (hopefully) gets, potentially more with additionals, his defense at the end would be around 160%+, this unit isnt made to be a tank, more of a glass cannon kind of unit. This is part of a phenomenon I refer to as 'Surplus defense'. Cooler, linked with phy cooler on a wicked bloodline team (future esbr probably) has a defence of 124,657. So while I appreciate Gohan's value in an IDBH/LGE setting.. His short term defensive value is very much not very impressive. Ok let's say you bring gohan and cooler in category esbr, you have both of them at 55% because you are not a Swiss bank. More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Goku family:lr ssj4 goku, lr ssj gohan, lr gobros, namek goku str, agl bardock, teq goku exchange (eza). Tl;dr - Gohan defense rly good, but he has too much of it, and would like to have much more ATK to be considered a truly excellent unit. Thanks so much for reading if you reached this point naturally! I mean you make good points, the only thing is that Gohan’s stack is 50% per turn so it’s not really a slow starter imo. i dont think he can be compared to cooler, and other units. I mean, my STR Kale guards, has better links, hits harder, defends better because she stacks more and also guards, https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/596825961232859136/773298942610767942/shithan.png, The str kale vs Gohan argument, look at this photo on the calcs of Gohan with his best rotations gets outdamged and out defensed by kale and teq caulifa. My personal descriptor for Gohan is that he's a very middle of the road unit; In some events, you will be utterly shocked by his performance, and be astonished they released a card this busted. He simply has links that are too inconsistent on average to generate much ATK value for himself or his allies. mystic gohan theme, mystic gohan theme mp3 download, mystic gohan theme song, mystic gohan theme remix, mystic gohan theme 1 hour, mystic gohan theme song piano, dbz mystic gohan theme, ultimate gohan theme dokkan !11!” Str Ultimate Gohan gives 170% HP and Def to Hybrid Saiyans compared to teq Gohan’s measly 130% HP. Ummm... no. TEQ Transforming Ultimate Gohan Boss Fight! Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. Posted In Uncategorized | No comments . The only downside to this team is the amount of STR units in it, but you could fix that by changing your friend or lead with Super Vegito if need be. Cooler doesn't even counter at all, and by the way here are a bunch of LRs who do more damage than Cooler. 192k members in the DBZDokkanBattle community. Those events have been clearable entirely F2P for months, and every major banner unit since that point has hardly been weak. not only would I be lying - I like the unit - but I can't give a good point of comparison as to whether or not he really is as good as people claim. Doesn’t he know that teq gohan guards while the str one only has a chance?” If this is you, please refer to this image. We'll first talk about the unit Gohan is most oft compared to, seemingly - STR Cooler. In todays standards this guy would be pretty weak. The list REALLY could go on for quite a while. Gohan suffers from two issues when we look at his attack per turn objectively. In terms of short-term defense and offense, Gohan simply doesn't 'stack' up to the competition particularly well. This article is a disambiguation page for Gohan (disambiguation) The following is a list of cards of the same character or of multiple characters with a specific affinity. Nobody will hold that against you; Gohan utterly trivializes such titans as UI Goku, SSB Gogeta & Vegito Blue in long stages by the time he reaches them, as he'll easily cut them down by having stacked ATK in the hundreds of percents, and his defense will be so completely unsurmountable that the enemy may as well forfeit.

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