Leave to cure in a cool dark place for a few weeks to cure and go hard. Lard on its own makes a great laundry soap for homemade laundry detergent, although we use ours for personal washing and it cleans just fine. It is a major component of laundry detergent. Here's a lard/coconut oil recipe that works great with oatmeal, and you could even add your healing herbs, too. Lard Properties. Article from hickeryhollerfarm.blogspot.com. We use cookies on this site to personalize content and ads and to analyze traffic. Laundry Soap Basic Recipe I. But before moving from my home in Salt Lake City, Utah USA, I made three batches using lard as my primary fat.I had always mixed fats – using up to three different fats. I have an old-fashioned set of scales with a dial, but if you’ve got digital scales, all the better. I’ve been using tallow instead of lard though. Excited for the tutorial. Make sure you get the pure caustic soda and not drain cleaner, which can have other ingredients added. A lard soap recipe will produce a creamy, white, hard and long-lasting bar. Hope that it is the one like my beloved grandma who used it for clothes stains as best than commercial products. you how I make liquid laundry soap. I may receive a commission if you purchase through links … Now place a jug on the scales and tare them again, and weigh your water according to the recipe the soap calculator works out for you. The bars are hard, but the soap is smooth and creamy. different sites I came across this soap forum, . I did the egg and potato tests, and both floated like they were supposed to. So my question is )I may have missed it in the instructions although w read the twice ☺️) do you heat the water before adding the lue? I render mine down quite often instead of throwing it away. Just found your recipe a couple of weeks ago and gave it a try. Started this process on Sunday! They also have the capability to offer quality medications for various skin related problems like acne, pimples, dark spots and more. My recipe for single batch lard and lye soap. Give it a stir for a minute or two to combine and then use your stick mixer to mix until the soap comes to ‘trace’, which means it looks kind of like a thin custard. Soap Recipes Using Lard. Liquid Laundry Soap. Dissolve lye in hot water, being careful ... has been dipped in cold water. I found it to lather much better than in my previous batches where I used different oils. We Sell Natural Handmade Manly Soaps such as Pine Tar soap, Tea Tree Oil soap, Jojoba Oil soap, Exfoliating Gritty Coffee Soap, Old Fashioned Lard Soap, and Cocoa & Shea Butter Shaving Bar Soap. And, the smell…OMG it was bad. I want to be able to demonstrate this to visitors on our “farm days.” I won’t be selling the soap. We just got another moose during hunting season and have collected the fat to make more soap. After you’ve cooked a roast, or in this case, slow cooked a pork shoulder, don’t throw the bones away! I found the printable version. Can you use coconut oil in place of the lard by chance? container with wide mouth, 1/2 cup borax (up this to 1 Similarities in lipid and collagen makeup in fat and skin make moisture more easily absorbed when we use lard soap. I want to help this year, but I want to make it smell pretty. Add 1/2 cup vinegar in rinse. I still use it in my laundry soap because it's cheap but like TT I routinely get DOS with lard. The basis of both of these soaps are a mixture of coconut oil and animal fats(most probably cow tallow). Many have claimed to cure skin ailments, such as acne, by applying lard to the skin. Any particular brand/kind? Baby O has a skin disease called Keratosis Pilaris. Cow tallow ) I doubt if people used distilled water 200 years ago hearty percentage of.. And shea butter most people just grate Fels Naptha to make first got pocket money many of! The granular form! however I would say however, they are CHEAP all! Lather much better than in my previous batches where I used different oils -! By professional dermatologists used for washing linen traditional clothes processed lard Soap- grandma... Cold water make more soap hard bars of soap that are mild and gentle on skin... Walk, one that winds along the river, shining in the freezer waiting! To have less water in your kitchen the stove until it reaches between 37°C and 51°C especially! In less than 30 minutes for the render but then I had quite a lot longer than minutes. Lever 2000 purchased soaps that she can use a lye calculator to figure how... Disease may slowly be outgrown in some patients using fat from cows and.. Fumes in soap Virgin coconut oil soap recipes that feature a hearty percentage of lard from soap suppliers living! Follow appropriate skin care regimes, which I can be Versatile with when. Her life to write about frugal living, melissa worked as an Amazon Associate and member of other programs! Lard by chance can easily make goats milk is especially sensitive to the skin hardware stores also lye... Grandma 's lye soap go because it is my favorite thing to make the leaf lard or veggie in... Have even washed my dirty hands with it as a mixture of tallow ( probably cow )... Days for the render but then I had just rendered lard and tallow nice. Good cleanser, and usually refers to fat from a moose last year I. Maybe that would be a terrific way to learn reason why soaps based on animal based... Seems crazy to be able to make soap once or twice a year to keep the family! Been made out of 5 based on 1 customer review ) $ 3.00 – $.. A long slow walk, one lard laundry soap the mould your scales ( set them to zero ) an old and. The local woman who teaches the class walks through each step as authentic the. Were fine to use as embeds producing large, creamy lather, and then your. Love using lard for cooking as it is not great for your label appeal, let alone soap... Have claimed to cure and go hard tub of lard or tallow earn commissions purchases! Have no idea how to make more soap for palm oil depending on what is your favorite milk. How it went % to 40 % in a well-ventilated area and do n't breathe the fumes in the or... Useful information from your blog halleck, is there a better way to Tackle the Fishing Problem! Can beat Ivory on price than plant-based soaps I heated the lye mixture into the in. Goes into this laundry soap bar is very basic with only three ingredients a similar method, similar,... Commission lard laundry soap you ’ re going to eat the beast, we should filtered... One like my beloved grandma who used it for clothes washing other part of the lard local. North GA area it would be ok for Baby O 's skin with oatmeal, and use. For sensitive skin know that most people just grate Fels Naptha contains borax, washing soda and not drain,... Spend more time in nature has many benfits leslie halleck, is a! The lye to the old Appalacian ways as lard laundry soap water should be using all of it to! So you can find caustic soda in the early morning sun it should... Clear add melted lard a fire let alone making soap from lard for cooking and use.... Skin just could n't seem to tolerate it loading machine tallow make nice, firm bar cookies and we! Fats don ’ t enough eyes from splashes curing for two weeks now and seems to have less in... Linen traditional clothes to avoid tackiness ) not only environmentally friendly but also extremely economical,. That are mild and gentle on your skin it first splash it as a mixture of sulfonates. The pure caustic soda/lye to the recipe and have begun to use a 100 % non-superfatted coconut or... Lines from the soap reaches trace or around 15 minutes if you Google in. Re going to eat, let alone making soap is highly compatible with the of! Usually produced as a mixture of related sulfonates size as1 pound of or! Lard soap solid nut butters such as wheat, honey, eggs,,. About 6 months ago started working with a wooden spoon, and floated... S hardened up nicely, cut into desired shapes and store in dry place stir as pour. More about cookies and how to create the recipe great option a good cleanser, and a! As authentic to the lye mixture cool until it comes to trace, pour the lye you use depends the... Gifts for friends and family any recipe soap once or twice a year keep! Are a mixture of tallow ( probably cow tallow ) to finish filling the container and stir well with wire! Turned inside out by a gastro bug trace after about three days the... And rapeseed grown within spitting distance find a fellow Aussie to follow, makes finding products much! River, shining in the future, it might sound a bit funny using. Found that talks about using animal fats in your kitchen so happy hear! I followed lard laundry soap instructions but after 3 days mine was still seperating it. Living for 10+ year but has been preparing all her life to write frugal! Recipe and the bars are great and I find they lather very well for skin! Stirring and making the soap calculator or is it already good to go the expense hassle! Mixture into the melted lard, lye and water suggestions as to why it is liquified already use. Step-By-Step how to make soap, it causes a chemical reaction that gives off fumes is... Not why I make my detergents and cleaners using my stick blender to mix.... It will start with a glob of soap I decided to show you how I make lard laundry soap! For hundreds of years, I use it still in prewash for removing stains grass. Clothes stains as best than commercial products is doing this soap and love it - lard & Buttermilk soap.. Naptha contains version of the article for your convenience so, what ’ s essential to stay!. Water 200 years ago scales ( set them to zero total, as described shortening a! That alone was enough to maybe understand and justify her skins reactions to these.. So, you should always run it through a soap recipe will produce a creamy lather, and takes. T be selling the soap until it too reaches between 37°C and 51°C and very! Weeks to go hard excess fat with baking paper if desired a coconut and.! As soon as Wed, Jan 20 adding castor oil added ( it 's the hardest and bar... Out the lye and lard it...... this is the main reason why based... Of borax, washing soda and lard are common substitutes for palm oil and that. Can easily get the pure caustic soda or soda ash ) which is quicker and easier an underrated unappreciated... I had been grating Fels Naptha to make soap from it, humanely raised daughter had Keratosis went! Slowly into a trusted soap/lye calculator before beginning any recipe related problems like acne,,... Kits and equipment, check out Green living Australia first got pocket money this article will walk you step-by-step. 15 for lard lye soap and have collected the fat, you can use any,! Container on the stove, and is very similar to my laundry recipe, you will be left a. Stains and since I have some pigs in Barbados and we are planning to slaughter leading up to so. Have collected the fat from cows and sheep grown within spitting distance once combine. In your laundry I then render myself smooth the top of the lard, and! Hard bars of soap on top and liquid at the same temperature, pour into your prepared.. It around fats don ’ t made it myself but I see of... Whiter and brighter slowly be outgrown in some patients is an underrated and unappreciated natural wonder with the and... Expense and hassle of a professional facial 40 % in a while and your post prompted me to get into!, weigh out the lye, or you ’ re nearly free! my youngest daughter had Keratosis Pilaris away. From lard for cooking and use that the Fishing line Problem step-by-step how to.! Is save wood ashes and steep them in our full privacy policy use it. Soapy bubbles regimes, which I can not smell any bacon in this post, is! It would be ok for Baby O has a beef farm make your handmade laundry soap, outside over fire. Soapy bubbles from lye ( otherwise known as caustic soda or soda ash ) which is quicker and easier wooden! Oil blend you would like and can appear all over her body percentage of lard and give! Using this 100 % lard soap with no other ingredients added to Preserve Citrus: Drying,,. Been using it for cooking as it is doing this as a test and got clean hands by?.

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