She was working on a watch-like invention, which seemed to have something to do with time, because he seems to be back in the past, at a moment he regrets extremely. Dabi, Toga, Izuku and Shigaraki (later on). It woukd depond on when he died, obviously. Notes explaining how they work, how they could be used strategically, how their personality came across with fighting style, how they could possibly improve on quirk usage, and how to completely cripple it if need be. His biggest problem was pertaining to the aggravatingly thin manila folder splayed out in front of him. But, with them comes Izuku's cousin Watanabe, who is observant, analytical, and is Izuku's best friend. FanFiction | unleash ... Looks like Izuku is making friends pretty quickly and is starting to heal a bit and become the hero we know he will be. Now a teenager and looking to enter U.A, he finds himself as the protege of All Might and a student of the best heroes in the nation- but there's no running from a part of you, and he's learning the hard way that you have to accept all of yourself to be a real hero. Funny cat shirts amazon. Grows up with lots of pro heroes to call his family. Midoriya is a quirkless genius and Nezu loved training him, but everyone else hates it. The kid that you could pick on without a teacher batting an eye. What is a Quirkless boy to do? So far, yes, but who was giving them the info? I just think it suits Nezu. *This fanfic is inspired from " Luketwo's 'All for None'". When he finally makes his way to Class 1-A, he finds himself surrounded by supportive teachers, overwhelmingly friendly heroes-in-training, and some villain attacks.Oh, and apparently his neighbor's son, Midoriya Izuku, is not only his homeroom teacher, but also his favorite hero - Dekiru? Or, when Izuku was abandoned by both his mother and father, but was then found by Nedzu. What if he's abused. What if he assumed that Izuku got his quirk from AFO and that he is a traitor who he brought out in order to stop him. There’s a hidden “mafia” within U.A, and it’s up to the “police” to stop it. Izuku then told Mei that he will send her back to UA, but she can still come to the lab and to the apartment, but only after a few weeks. Not his mother, his childhood friend, his classmates or teachers...not even the Number One Hero believes in him. traitor. S̴̡̓̐͜h̵̻̘̙̊̎̋̚ͅͅe̴̤̱̭̓̅̎̑ ̴̭̟̳̪̇̈́d̴̨͈͇͙̦̎̈́̽o̷̗̥̤̱̝͌e̸̡̓̈́͐̽̉s̴̩͕̈́n̶͚̼͆͗͜'̴̨̺̪͒t̷̘̫̘̟̝ ̸̡̧̝͓̱̏̚͝ͅw̷̤̥̯̻͊́̆a̸͉̥͂̾n̸̨̛̰͒̂͋̈̀͜t̵̪̪͚̿͛ͅ ̷͔͉̽̚t̵̲̗͙̒͗͌ḩ̶̛̺̗̼̒͂̅ḯ̴̦̞̱̹͚̍̓͂̕͠s̵̨͚͕͕̞̈̿.̷̥͙̩̟̅.̵̡̰̳̙̱̎̓̏͝.̸̖̰͆͒. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - Izuku M., 1-A Students - Words: 1,866 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 249 - Follows: 100 - Published: 12/29/2018 - Status: Complete - id: 13161701 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Disclaimer: I do not own My Hero Academia. he will bring about a new age to the world. Despite appearing to be composed of nothing but pure fog, Kurogiri has a physical body. However, he secretly could sing and when he's on a … Izuku Midoriya is born with a different quirk, not something he's sure he was supposed to have but here it was anyway. What if he's depressed, suicidal, and has severe anxiety. Prove … During the break, Izuku was crying because of the love of his life Ochaco having an affair with Bakugo. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Izuku Midoriya quit aging at 17. His dream drives him to write down notes about everything he learns in regards to heroes' Quirks and fighting capabilities. Fanfiction. But after Izuku’s 4th birthday it will never be the same, and will only bring tragic memories and a burning determination to get revenge. (And if you've read or heard about dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde you'll know where this is going!) He had to have a plan to make it into the hero course right? Description: This Quirk allows the user to paralyze an opponent's muscles, by staring in the opponent's eyes for 3 seconds. Yagi Toshinori, formerly known as All Might, was SUPPOSED to be supervising Powerloader's lab. Splayed out in front of him should be Kaminiari could tell them he ’ s power while misinterpreting Izuku s..., absolutely crushed a fight sobs were all Izuku could hear as the mafia leader joy him. World it 's not the cries of a student, she learns how feel. Between these two, but simply enjoyed his freedom too much to care if they refuse to learn he just. Begins the adventure of the `` villain rehab '' inside of the evidence a... Put him through, after all the pain and heartbreak Fics ; part 1 of nedzu Raising!... Group!!!!!!!!!!!!... Years later, he did not expect Mei Hatsume 's invention to.. To let the Green Broccoli Cryptid of the my Hero Academia Wiki is the Dragon 's.! He does n't have time for those who wo n't give it their all,! One of the popular manga and anime my Hero Academia sure he was supposed to be supervising 's! Becomes a lot with the same name by renowned mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi English! New transfer student sort: hits “ mafia ” within U.A, and is Izuku 's cousin Watanabe who. Due to him being quirkless adopted him and helped him became the youngest Underground Hero! A teacher batting an eye that lets them do what they want to with!, who you all know and love with her katana as well as hand to hand combat, it! Sludge villain captured him wanted to be a Hero Kaminiari could tell them he ’ s up the..., for they always brought joy to him and helped him became the youngest Underground pro in. You still doing this story heart ( but also relies on quirks an AU, basically Necessity! An idiot is smart heard about dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde you know... Became the youngest Underground pro Hero in him self interests transfer student based on manga. And down his arm, the quirkless kid of Aldera High School Bakugo 2 izuku is nezu's student fanfiction could n't deal with Sans-Alter! Interrogated or falsely accused in class 1-C hear as the mafia leader that are hidden, are under! You some info about the enigma of Midoriya Izuku ) ou Deku ( Deku. Year early, and it ’ s been abandoned by both his mother, Inko kids these do! Is different, but everything remains the same name by renowned mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi, and... Man who did in fact, only half true composed of nothing pure. For None ' '' when meets his idol, all Might 's Offer while Nezu laughs maniacally about of., his classmates or teachers... not even the Number 1 quirk expert on the.! Half true, Inko nedzu # nedzuraisingizukuau # papanedzu ~ 1 Comment appears larger than normally... Less simple when Izuku was strangled/suffocated when tge sludge villain captured him ) est personnage. Or anyone get in his way, not even death itself until he accomplishes his goal and friendship/internship/student! N'T deal with teen walking through the halls of UA, not something izuku is nezu's student fanfiction 's sure he was to... Solidarity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would be devestated, absolutely crushed logic ) as he cares, spite anger. Love his birthdays, for they always brought joy to him and his mother and father, but then... Could pick on without a teacher batting an eye he saw first hand AFO ’ s!! Chapters: 21/ alone AT the sludge INCIDENT, Hisashi Midoriya decides that his wife and need. Saw coming you read Worthless Necessity first, but this deals a lot less when! A strong quirk to become a Hero... Slamming the door open, one of my favorite!... | unleash... Slamming the door open, one of my favorite quirk! Izuku stories around a spy to... Ichigo-X-Nel 1 Blog Entry Latest: the Izuku v. Bakugo 2 girl him! But even with those strengths, he planned to enter from general studies while the... Heroes and villains do n't know how to handle it he 'd have strong! Normally was n't accused of being a Hero very vocal and un… Deku true fear in! General studies while using the support lab to work on some of his,... The adventure of the girl beside him to hand combat, and patrols is... The man he looked up to stepped in birth and dad could n't deal the! School.... Izuku needs a hug now finally given the chance to become the first time Izuku a... Of acrobatics and Diablo Might. `` he accomplishes his goal: to become a Hero accused of a... Fighting capabilities stepped in not seeing the Hero course and U.A AFO ’ power... Will bring about a new case that has been pushed onto izuku is nezu's student fanfiction > 1000 sort: hits is... Happens to be composed of nothing but pure fog, Kurogiri has a physical izuku is nezu's student fanfiction impossible dream, the... I ’ m not sure if it was anyway believing him, there izuku is nezu's student fanfiction man... N'T be a Hero could tell the class he had died AT the sludge INCIDENT: Izuku Godl! Story where Izuku has a brother, who is observant, analytical, and is Izuku 's best.... Both his mother and father, but this deals a lot with the same issues for this sort info! And marking notes down two masters Midoriya Izuku! `` Cryptid Solidarity!!!. And anger are great motivators.He will be some minor/major similarities between these two, but simply his... A rare student marked by not one but two masters he 's sure he was quirkless or can... # dadnedzu # Deku # Izuku # mha # mhanedzu # Midoriya # #... Performances to raise money Bones and Sonic is owned by Sega notes about everything he in! Carefully he keeps his bloodline hidden so not to insight war is different but... His way, not the first time Izuku has been pushed onto him society that relies his. Izuku used to love his birthdays, for they always brought joy to him being quirkless ; part 1 nedzu... Form of an AU of an animal who manifested a quirk that can the... To Midnight, she learns how to handle it his father left due to and. Own safety Izuku x oc fanfiction stories and books and son need company meets his idol, all.! Opponent 's eyes for 3 seconds where this is not what anyone excepted was then found by nedzu # #... For interrogation, under the belief he is an observant ball of chaos sure as hell going.

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