Responsibilities of a CEO. Shorthand for chief executive officer, the CEO job title highlights its bearer as top dog. A manager can be given the title of CEO or president, if the members wish it. People searching for CEO vs General Manager found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful. Career Trend: President vs. Although, perhaps say it in a neutral tone, with no bravado. If the company is big enough to have an executive hierarchy, the owner is the ultimate authority and the court of final appeal. That’s one of the reasons why many investors prefer working with companies led by the founder rather than a professional CEO. National Association of Corporate Directors ; Writer Bio. If managers are hired to handle the day-to-day business of the LLC, most states require the LLC to disclose the name, address, and title of the managers—whether they are members or … CEO. By Kyle Stanford. The best analogy that describes an owner’s relationship with the company is parent and child – the owner is committed to the company’s success in a way that few employees will ever understand. April 20, 2016 View comments (14) Share: In many ways, founders are the soul of a company. Jack Gerard is a freelance writer and editor with over 15 years of experience writing about topics related to business and finance. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Understanding a CEO vs President is important before a business owner chooses which title to assume for their company. Founder vs. CEO: Who creates more value? Owner vs. CEO ; Resources. The owner’s intent could also be to create wealth, pass down to kids, create value, make it a lifestyle business, etc. But I missed an important point: Customers, Prospects, Recruits and Media like to talk to “the CEO”. Jason Nazar Contributor. This … The Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director, is the person in charge of the management and administrative direction of the organization. If the owner’s intent is to sell the business one day, the CEO will execute and run the business based on that. The CEO is at the top of the chain. CEO. The responsibilities of a CEO include maximizing the share price, market price, or the revenues or other elements. But the real difference between a CEO and an entrepreneur is that while a CEO has to be aware of the future, their real "job" is to manage the now. Whatever the intent is, the CEO executes. Traditionally, the CEO oversees the entire business, managing day-today operations while also devising and implementing strategies to push the company towards its long-term visions. In a non-profit and government organization, the chief executive officer or the CEO typically aims at achieving the organization’s long term and short term mission like reducing poverty, increasing literacy, etc. Owner vs. CEO Management. CEO I write about entrepreneurship. I always thought the title was a bit silly when running tiny start-ups. The CEO executes based on what the owner’s intent is. In the majority of cases the CEO is also the founder and drives the purpose, vision and mission of the company. Entrepreneurs.

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