It offers lovely views along the Allt Mor (Big Burn) and to the nearby Cairngorms.Written for Walkingworld by D.B. Please take care. Just some of the points of interest here are Loch Morlich and its beach, Uath Lochans, Allt Mor, and Hayfields. Whether you enjoy water sports, mountain hiking, or relaxing on a beach, this reserve has something to offer. Of particular interest may be; - The Allt Mor path, which is a off path route between the Glenmore area and the Cairngorm ski centre car park. Allt Mor is a romantic, Grade B Listed, traditional Highland crofting cottage. 3. 8. A handy leaflet details the landscapes and geology on three popular walks in the park: the Allt Mòr, Ryvoan and Farleitter Crag trails. The Allt Mor trail is fun to cycle up, apart from the steep pushy bits and the anti-bike obstacles. Go through wooden gate and bear right, ascending slope to wooden stile. Names of falls. View the Trails through Time in the Cairngorms National Park leaflet. Distance: 3.5 miles, 2 to 2.5 hours. If only there was a more bike-friendly way back down; hopefully this will happen in the not too distant future. Allt Mor. To avoid the bridge, start your walk from Castle Roy car park. Take wet path west to bridge over Allt Mor, cross then follow to deer fence. We did it anti-clockwise (although the occasional waymark arrows point clockwise). Use of the bridge is at your own discretion. Castle Roy Loop To complete both loops of this trail is not advised as the footbridge over the Allt Mor is closed. Scotland’s Allt Mor trail from the Sugarbowl car park and from the Cairngorms National Park Core Path GR12, which follows the river along the glen. Everywhere there’s the chatter of running water, tumbling down from the mountains. It's a circular trail so can be done either way. There is variety for visitors to Glenmore National Nature Reserve. Go through wooden gate, head slightly uphill on sometimes faint path to reach wall with stile. Grant The Allt Mor footbridge is closed until further notice. Return to bridge, cross and bear left, following path up on to embankment then west, parallel to Allt Mor. The sky was perfectly clear, and it was magical to see first Jupiter and Venus, then the brighter stars appearing. Tayside geotrails A designated wheelchair trail in Glenmore Forest, by Aviemore; the path is through open moor and scattered Scots pines. Although over 200 years old, the cottage has been sensitively modernised, combining all the charm of these beautiful old buildings with the comfort of a modern home. At present, the Allt Mor public footpath trail crosses the river within the application site via a pedestrian bridge which is understood to … Forestry commission sites have maps of the trails in the area on the website, not all of which are shown on OS maps. Grade: Moderate The trails from Allt Mor take you through a wonderful mix of tall, thick pines and young saplings, with a tumble of heather, blueberry and juniper on the ground. 5. The term ‘linn’ is found throughout southern and eastern Scotland (and in the northern English county of Northumberland).Confusingly 'linn' can denote either a fall or the plunge pool or indeed a confined stretch of water. Glenmore Forest park. Explore how glaciers shaped Scotland’s most famous mountain range.

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