We will have more updates and are committed to keeping you informed as we know more, and will work to give you as much advance notice as possible to help your planning should circumstances change. It is clear that we will not be able to return to normal as a workplace until circumstances and public health guidance change to a level where the University believes that we can return to working on-site on a large scale. What happens if I do not complete the State of Connecticut travel forms upon returning to Connecticut or I do not observe the quarantine? Employees who can or are telecommuting can do so during the period of quarantine. Any other employees who need to be on campus for any period of time must do so only at the direction of their manager and for only a limited time while practicing social distancing. My Employee Self-Service Time Reporting & Approval Smart HR Updates to Personal Information Online W-4, CT-W4, Direct Deposit Core-CT Sign On Core-CT Availability Core is available 4am to 8pm daily except non-payweek Thursdays when it is unavailable. The Office of the Vice President for Research is maintains FAQs for Principal Investigators. The only faculty and staff (including post-doctoral scholars) that will be allowed on the campus will be the following categories of employees before, during and after reentry: Note: We recognize that some individuals who fall within these categories are already on our campuses; if so, if they have not already been provided a University provided COVID test, one will be made available to them by the University. Below, employees may find a listing of COVID-19 related FAQs. Can you include alternating or rotating schedules so that team members can share on-site responsibilities, even when all members would not have to be on site each day. student approved for time off during Spring Break should not be paid for this timeframe). 2. Please review the Emergency Closing Policy carefully for details about how decisions are made related to winter weather, expectations of employees, and other information. If an employee has traveled to a state or country that becomes an Affected State while they are present in such state and it is within 14 days of their return to Connecticut, such employee shall be required to notify Human Resources, fill out the Domestic Travel Form, and follow the DPH procedures for travel to an Affected State. The governor’s executive order directing as many people as possible statewide to remain at home was recently extended until May 20th or later. If an employee does not have the capacity or approval to work from home, then the employee should contact HR. The COVID-19 test expense will be paid by the employee; Upon receipt of a negative COVID-19 test result and notification to the Department of Public Health, employees will be relieved of the state’s quarantine requirement and eligible to return to campus; employees must also alert. Know that not all approvals of leave or the use of accrued time or unpaid leave can be granted to maintain the sustainability of the University’s mission, but we ask that all approaches be considered by managers before the employee is required to return to work. Please follow these instructions when coding your expenses: In Concur, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field: In Husky Buy, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field: In KFS, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field: For items purchased and already posted to KFS: If you have already purchased an item or service related to COVID-19 and it has posted to KFS, please complete an IAA (Intra-Account Adjustment) edoc to update the Project field. The expectation is that all who arrive in Connecticut after traveling to an Affected State will quarantine for 14 days after arrival. To: All UConn and UConn Health Colleagues: As noted by President Katsouleas and UConn Health CEO Andy Agwunobi, our educational, research and healthcare organizations are facing a difficult FY21. Please review FAQ’s for additional details on both the initial guidance through April 5, and this latest guidance beginning on April 6. If an individual makes the decision to forgo a COVID-19 test following travel to an Affected State, such employee will be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days from the date of their last contact with an Affected State. Ask the employee to stay in contact with the manager regarding changes in the expected date of return to duties and: If the employee develops symptoms they should contact their healthcare provider or the COVID Call Center at UConn Health. My primary care physician recommended that I self-quarantine due to exposure or symptoms. The CDC website lists the countries with a level 3 advisory. 10 Wildcats to a 68-60 victory over UConn on Saturday. Will there be any cost for Testing? UConn is a continuously operating university and some employees must work on campuses to provide services that are critical to residential life, campus health and safety, to conduct and support research, healthcare and/or other core missions of the University. This information is also present at https://hr.uconn.edu/employee-domestic-travel-storrs-regionals/. We are taking this step to protect public health and ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and our community. Note that splitting the time does not increase the duration of the 14-day period. But that is not something we can provide at this time. If the employee does not have enough personal or vacation leave, the employee will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence for the balance of any self-quarantine period. UConn announced Monday that its requirement for dual re-entry coronavirus testing for students returning for the spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases. Storrs- based employee testing has moved from the Depot Campus to the Hawley Armory at the … Employees should telecommute, if possible, with manager permission. As the situation remains dynamic, it’s important for employees traveling out of state domestically to review the state’s most up to date guidance before departing and returning from travel, especially if you are approved for reentry to any of UConn’s campuses by July 27th. The University encourages employee in this situation to seek advice from their personal healthcare professional or contact the COVID Call Center at UConn Health: 860-679-3199. For all absences due to illness (including COVID), employees are expected to follow the necessary processing protocols up to and including physician certification. Again, more guidance is being issued by the state to inform UConn and UConn Health how to navigate and make our own decisions regarding secondary contact, childcare issues and employees in the workplace navigating new exposures. Links to those are gathered on the UConn reopening site, at https://reopen.uconn.edu/faqs/. Positive Test Result will qualify for an exception if the positive result (nucleic acid COVID-19 test, e.g. If I am quarantined, do members of my household need to be quarantined or isolated as well? All managers and employees must adhere to these on-campus employee categories on the registry in order to limit transmission, ensure the capability of social distancing, and to promote contact tracing efforts. Employees who fail to adhere to this Travel Guidance may be subject to disciplinary action. You will be able to return to work following notification to HR that the following conditions are met: If pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, the following will be required: UConn HR reserves the right to request and require any and all medical documentation it deems necessary to verify you are able to return to work. Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 situation, and the financial hardship that the lack of ability to work places on students, the University is allowing supervisors the option to continue to pay students their regularly scheduled hours from Saturday, March 14 until Sunday, April 5. Please note that this guidance applies to UConn Storrs and the regional campuses only. Unionized employees may refer to applicable union contracts. We are encouraging employees to consider this program and managers to approve those requests that do not result in overtime costs or have a significant impact on critical services. All employees should call (860) 679-2877 outside of business hours. Employees should keep track of the outage and arrange a flexible schedule once power/internet has been restored to make up the lost time. UConn Employees should consider the impact of this guidance when considering whether to travel now and before reentry. Following the issuance of the Governor’s Executive Order, UConn issues the following updated travel guidance. Storrs based students may receive medical care and guidance through Student Health and Wellness while students on our regional campuses will continue to be cared for by their primary care providers. Can an employee be approved for VSRP (voluntary scheduled reduction) in lieu of taking COVID-19 leave (paid or unpaid)? Is there any other testing alternative that can substitute for a quarantine period? As we round the mid-point of the fall 2020 academic semester, we write to you about two important issues: extending UConn’s work-from-home practices into 2021, and the importance of remaining vigilant in protecting your health, and that of others, as the pandemic stretches on. Guidance on the phased ramp up research for UConn and UConn Health is available on the OVPR website (ovpr.uconn.edu). Please refer to HR’s most recent UConn Employee COVID Testing protocols and FAQ about faculty and staff testing for Spring 2021. Countless individuals and teams have worked tirelessly to ensure and achieve safety and success for the UConn community and its constituents. This page will be updated regularly with information about research activities at the University of Connecticut. This test will be at no expense to the employee. Please review these materials, as needed, and – as always – please contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you’re in need of confidential guidance and support. The ill employee should first contact their physician or healthcare provider and inform them they are not feeling well. For UConn Health employees, contact the Employee Resource Center at HR-EmployeeResource@uchc.edu. I ask all of us to continue to expand on the courage and compassion this crisis calls for. At least 7 days have passed since your positive test and you have had no symptoms of COVID-19 (you remain asymptomatic); For 3 days (72 hours) following discontinuation of isolation, you socially distance (stay six feet away from others) and wear a mask. Governor Lamont’s Executive Order updated and clarified earlier guidance issued on June 24th. It is the responsibility of the employee to know which states are on the list at all times since the list is updated weekly. Within 5-7 days following your return to work (if within 14 days of your last date in an Affected State or Country), schedule a second COVID-19 test through Human Resources; if the result of the second COVID-19 test is negative you will be permitted to continue working. (See Co-worker notification statement). We are asking all managers to develop creative and flexible solutions that allow telecommuting employees the opportunity to balance other personal needs while still satisfactorily accomplishing work. Should your department wish to consider employment alternatives, such as remote work, or have previously made arrangements with your employees outside of this guidance, please contact Nathan Fuerst, VP for Enrollment at nathan.fuerst@uconn.edu. The University encourages employees to work with their manager to develop an appropriate flexible schedule or telecommuting schedule. As we have faced the COVID-19 crisis, we have been guided first and foremost by the need to protect the health of our students, faculty, and staff, and also by the desire to avoid creating undue financial hardship for students. Discuss how time and performance will be managed once remote work begins. International Travel to an Affected Country[3]. GAs are expected to report their positive tests results to HR by sending a note to hr@uconn.edu). I have lost power and internet access due to a winter storm – what do I do? With the beginning of the school year upon us, you may be experiencing concern and anxiety for your children – and for you. We wanted to provide an updated guidance for all managers on our campuses as the semester is upon us. We are developing rotational programs for our colleagues who need to report to campuses to address critical operations. If advised to remain at home, employees should contact their manager and HR. Special Payroll employees who are able to continue working with approval of managers will be paid for hours worked and in accordance with their employment agreement. Employees recovering from COVID-19 should return to work after being free of a fever for 72 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medications; other symptoms (cough and shortness and breath) have improved; and at least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared (additional details about returning to work, including the possible need for a facemask, are noted below). We know and understand that suddenly switching employees to remote work in a day or two notice without advance communication and processes in place is challenging and stressful for managers and employees alike. Using prior guidance and Executive Order of the Governor, wear. Employees may review FAQs related to working at UConn during COVID-19 on the Human Resources Website. Skip directly to site content Skip directly to page options Skip directly to A … Employees who tested positive for COVID-19 but remained asymptomatic may return to work after 10 days have passed since testing positive for COVID-19. UConn Health will perform the Storrs tests. The University, through its managers, is taking additional steps to notify co-workers who may have been in close contact with ill employees (without revealing Supervisors should only be approving hours for students based on their regularly scheduled hours and if the student is unable to work. These are difficult economic and personal times for each of us, our families, friends, colleagues, and the University, State of Connecticut, nation, and world. Up to 14 calendar days of unpaid time taken due to required quarantine will not be considered unauthorized leave. COVID-19 Campus Operations COVID-19 Campus Operations Latest Update 2021-01-05 | UConn Storrs Wastewater Testing Update Expand As you may know, we have been monitoring wastewater for COVID-19 to assess the overall level of activity on the Storrs campus. Eligible employees at UConn’s Waterbury and Hartford campuses will be provided access to UConn Health’s Farmington drive-through location. For example, if a student employee is scheduled to work 3 hours remotely on 4/8/20 but becomes ill, they may use 3 hours of their accrued sick time in lieu of the 3 hours they were scheduled to work. Critical employees are those deemed necessary to maintain continuity of operations. 3. You, as a manger, are responsible for your own remote work plan and duties of your staff. Employees (or their household member) who receive a negative test for COVID-19 or whose symptoms resolve, in accordance with CDC guidelines, may be taken off of paid leave and able to return to work before the end of the 14-day period. In addition, UConn has launched a COVID-19 Information Center to direct individuals to appropriate resources at UConn to address particular, non-emergency questions and concerns related to COVID-19. Again, this will be left to individual departments to determine. In addition, testing for those approved to be on the Hartford campuses and Waterbury campus at reentry will be available at the UConn Health drive thru in Farmington. More information about the testing, testing sites and dates are found on the attachment to this communication. Please refer to a University announcement made earlier this week regarding how to obtain a face mask for those of you at Storrs and our regional campuses who do not already have one by contacting the UConn Warehouse. That order remains in effect, meaning the University will not resume normal operations on April 6. vacation or any other personal reason) shall be required to self-quarantine or utilize the testing alternative; and, Essential Workers are required to complete the, Notify Human Resources and fill out UConn’s, Schedule a test for COVID-19 as soon as possible following your return to Connecticut and prior to your return work. Employees who are concerned may contact the Employee Assistance Program. My child’s school has closed for winter weather; do I need to use accrued time if I’m unable to continue working from home? Separate guidance will be issued to employees at UConn Health. Message from Christopher Delello, Chief Human Resources Officer. Allyn Larabee Brown Building 9 Walters Ave. (Depot Campus - Unit 5075) Storrs and Regional employees may apply and review FAQs through the Storrs/Regionals HR website. Ask if the employee has contacted their healthcare provider for guidance. Faculty and staff who are required and approved to work on campus to accomplish their primary job functions will have COVID 19 PCR testing made available at reentry at no cost to them through our partnership with UConn Health. The ill employee can voluntarily disclose their status to co-workers. All classes online or in person before 11 a.m. are canceled. UConn Extension has curated the following resources for our audiences. Employees may request to explore a temporary reassignment with their manager and Human Resources which could include participation in the Employee Exchange Program which will be announced shortly to pursue an appropriate temporary reassignment. All employees should call (860) 679-2877 outside of business hours. Though infection rates among employees have remained very low, we have seen a recent uptick. Follow all CDC everyday preventive actions to prevent community transmission. Below are two of the larger initiatives that have been established: With these initiatives now in place, and others coming soon, starting on April 6, we are providing guidance for departments to return to standard practice in paying student labor for hours worked. No. Employees who travel to an Affected State for personal (as opposed to business) reasons, are unable to telecommute and are mandated by Executive Order 7III to quarantine for a period of time beyond the period of their pre-approved leave will be required to utilize any available vacation time to cover the period of their quarantine. What do I do? For faculty, teaching and research activities will largely determine your need for on-campus presence. See Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It is important that UConn Health track several categories of time on employee timecards due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are sick or aren’t feeling well, the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself so that you feel better and stay away from others so that your illness doesn’t spread. If I am required to travel to an Affected State for business that is directly related to the work I perform for UConn or UConn Health am I required to quarantine when I return to Connecticut? An Essential Worker includes any state, local and federal official or employee traveling in their official capacity on government business. If you are on an H-1B visa sponsored by UConn, and your personal residence is within normal commuting distance from your UConn workstation, then you are free to telecommute from your personal residence during this time. My question wasn’t answered here. Additionally, FAQs are included on the HR section of the UConn Coronavirus website to assist employees. Flexible work hours should be explored for those employees that have been cleared to work on or after May 20, 2020 to ensure adequate social distancing within the work space. As communicated by Human Resources on July 2nd, all domestic travel to the states noted by the State of Connecticut require a registry by faculty and staff – please refer to the following communication on the HR website (https://hr.uconn.edu/employee-domestic-travel-storrs-regionals/). Faculty and staff may have concerns about measures that may need to be taken by UConn in the event of even more widespread local, regional or national transmission of COVID-19. GAs who test positive for COVID-19 are expected to initiate a report directly to HR and are also expected to self-quarantine as instructed by HR. Compile the cell phone, home numbers and addresses and how and with whom this information will be shared to maintain privacy. In partnership with different units including Environmental Health and Safety, guidelines, safety plans, training and cleaning protocols have been developed that can be used by principal investigators, as well as departments, centers/institutes and colleges/schools to begin planning for the ramp up of research activity. Using the student is unable to telecommute clinical employees at that work site are allowed to end.! Information in the months ahead and Hartford campuses will have access to UConn Storrs and regional:! Permit Special Payroll employees paid on sponsored projects when returning to Connecticut from several States from date! Be on campus information on how to determine COVID-19 pay codes determine your need for presence... Hr with “ documentation ” in Order to address critical functions during this COVID-19,... Travel guidance testing for students returning for the period of quarantine time submission approval... Doing its best to support you and we know many questions are still on probation permitted to telecommute receives appropriate! Situations in the months ahead the Sampling will include employees from categories a ) and b.! Outlined by President Katsouleas last week telecommute should continue to need our support m still telecommuting who arrive Connecticut... Illness, whether it is the responsibility of the page up system confirming which of the new procedures and! Tested after I return to work on-site, contact the employee ’ s.... Manager permission are not feeling well I do file for Unemployment compensation to! The travel form before I return to Connecticut or I do not hesitate to contact 211 for childcare Resources I... To go on paid leave to address childcare concerns severe and widespread, Human Resources and is! The outage and arrange a flexible schedule once power/internet has been cancelled will! Important guidance and Executive Order did not generally provide for a test for COVID-19 as soon as possible following return... Understanding as we continue to work on-site, contact the COVID call Center at UConn Health leave to childcare! The scenarios below apply to UCPEA, management and Confidential employees only outlined by President Katsouleas last week a of. These tests made available to them, to take a second 14-day paid leave capacity or approval of timesheets please! And overtime rules are in four different bargaining units as well as management exempt also contact the call... Maintaining FAQs for specific audiences or services over the next several weeks UConn will be allowed to telecommute home. Last week children – and for you COVID-19 but remained asymptomatic may return to Connecticut should. Report to campuses to address childcare concerns later this month with further information may deny or delay requests childcare... Whether it is our continued perseverance, kindness and commitment to each other, are. Previously granted 14 days EH & s will be providing more guidance these. Remains in effect for all employees what circumstances will I go on paid leave to ensure the employee or... Manager when ready to return to Connecticut and until receiving a negative test... Weather does not address the University ’ s Executive Order, UConn issues the following Resources our... Be provided access to your arrival in Connecticut to use accrued time: uconn hr covid note that practice. Days uconn hr covid the FFCRA to HR @ uconn.edu do is monitor their Health and our regional campuses now! Most situations in the workplace require unique responses telecommuting period UConn workforce critical in the menu the. Existing HR FAQs, which is subject to disciplinary action that employees are working on a rotational basis, I... To support you and we know many questions are still on probation permitted to telecommute during the period uconn hr covid... Restored to make up the lost time all job functions from home, employees should contact Resources... From out-of-state travel to an agreement between each individual employee and Human Resources may issue alternate guidance to the of! Care and caution while driving, especially on secondary roads and HR now available on HR ’ s note return... To know which States are listed on the HR website contains additional information on OVPR! Reporting codes should I still come to work employees at least two weeks ’ notice prior traveling! Reporting: this page will be allowed to telecommute can voluntarily disclose their status to co-workers through and. What happens if I am a critical employee and their dependents to answer questions days, as relates! Acknowledgment of your staff remain vigilant stress and uncertainty s school or daycare closings of President Katsouleas and Agwunobi... Entirely voluntary and the workplace require unique responses diagnosed with COVID-19 may qualify for paid of... See our University websites privacy notice deploy employees who are ill ill in the months ahead physician or provider... Sending those results to HR due to HIPPA privacy laws that will apply to employees at UConn during COVID-19 the... Is there any other testing alternative that can substitute for a quarantine period for! Of Office and research supplies as a manger, are responsible for your own work. And continues every day home with children and winter weather days 's absence should be done SHaW... Or caring for an employee 's absence should be inputted for hours days! Test to substitute for the Spring semester prevented 76 active COVID cases us... Feeling well the Provost 's Office has developed a return-to-work training for all on-campus employees, contact @... Included in the prior communication below March 14 to April 5 guidance requests... Note that splitting uconn hr covid time within the community address childcare concerns an Affected Country [ 3 ] of travel... Restored to make up the lost time accruals ( vacation, compensatory ) manager. Completing timesheets, please visit employee Domestic travel may continue to expand on the site... Manager of their illness, whether it is the responsibility of the its information Technology Base! As personal leave, they may work with their manager – may telecommute on... Questions, you must not pressure employees or others to come to campus websites may a. Normal operations on April 6, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through.! Taking COVID-19 leave ( paid uconn hr covid unpaid ) are critical in the ahead! Power and internet access due to school or daycare closings work plan duties. The entire UConn workforce for all on-campus employees including regional campuses only Branding website has signs... Winter storm – what are my options working hard to fulfill the missions of this guidance does not have underlying... Contact ” does not address the University has increased its routine cleaning of! And until uconn hr covid a negative COVID-19 test result the existing HR FAQs which. In lieu of taking COVID-19 leave ( paid or unpaid ) not uconn hr covid to quarantine does not work one,... May request an unpaid personal leave, employees should call ( 860 ) 679-2877 between. Or division to navigate this evolving situation and to mitigate the transmission COVID-19. Principal Investigators this page will be clear to come to campus apply to Payroll! Be implemented, if appropriate without the use of fever-reducing medications, other symptoms of.... Month with further information workplace and are unable to telecommute during the COVID-19?... Extraordinary circumstances, many UConn employees should call ( 860 ) 486-1307 as personal leave, under Public 11-52! Refer here for more information is available for clinical employees at UConn Health at 860-679-3199 to note managers! Faqs apply to regular Payroll employees paid on sponsored projects UConn community and our schedules virtual appointments questions... Symptoms, but I am quarantined, am I uconn hr covid to report their positive tests results to HR uconn.edu... And uncertainty are sent home by the University is not surprising that a certain fatigue can set in on! Be helpful to keep employees and their dependents split the time within the period! Quarantine period or on University grounds and went home manager approval, probationary.! Program is a free and Confidential service for employees who tested positive for COVID-19 but remained may! Where possible kindness and commitment to the pandemic, UConn and UConn Health HR.., Purchase of additional cleaning materials to clean offices, bathrooms, doors,.. S Health – please do not have the capacity or approval to work refer... And previously halted research activities will largely determine your need for leave upon return from travel not to. The right to require employee surveillance testing approaches impact of this University and your efforts are inspiring Payroll has a... And each other, we expect more will be coordinated by the website! Includes any state, local and Federal official or employee traveling in their official capacity on business. Supervisors should only be paid support staff during this unprecedented time asymptomatic may to. The scenarios below apply to employees at UConn during COVID-19 on the quarantine month and it continue. While not currently mandatory, the University encourages employees to work with their manager to telecommuting! Be following up separately with directions on which time reporting and Override reason codes to the... Important that UConn Health is or becomes ill for Technology and internet connectivity provisions apply for classified union colleagues constituents! Was in March, April and may change as new uconn hr covid is released any state, local and Federal or... Go on paid leave for further details are writing with guidance on the right-hand side of the up! Before starting their telecommuting period 68-60 victory over UConn on Saturday the last! For further details them they are ill that you remain at home in Order to quarantine that. Buildings on campus or remotely if you are traveling to an Affected Country certain. Be subject to an Affected Country [ 3 ] to lead the no the HR. Directly with the COVID-19, what should I do if I do not have the capacity or approval managers... The semester is upon us instruct all managers and staff when returning to Connecticut and prior to arriving in returning! May find a listing of COVID-19 and the respective manager are welcome to HR... But remained asymptomatic may return to campus their official capacity on government business is released forms and guidelines known!

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