In 2017, third in the list with the highest percentage of visa rejections was positioned Portugal with 14.93% of visa applications rejected. The visa rejection rate for Schengen from Pakistan is very high. Iceland remains the country with the lowest rate of visa refusals in 2017 with only 0.96% of applications rejected, or 73 out of 7,610. In total, 98.7% of the applicants for a Schengen Visa to Lithuania received a positive answer on their application.Moreover, Lithuania is placed somewhere in the middle of the table regarding the total number of short-term visa applications received. In this sense, it may be a better choice for you to apply for the Schengen visa of Estonia. The rejection rate of Schengen visa was 10.10%. You can visit any Schengen country on a Schengen visa. Respected Sir main ny April 2018 main Estonia k tourism k liay visa apply kia tha but visa refuse ho gya, within appeal time main ny Appeal submit karwa di (visa application and appeal both submitted at Hungary embassy Islamabad). A number of other countries on the list who unfortunately had a high rejection rate were Nigeria who experienced a rejection rate of 52% and Algeria who had 279,740 visas rejected out of 779,152 (35%). Unfortunately we have not received your decision from the immigration Office yet. I finally obtained this valuable sticker from the Netherlands after two refusals from Italy. what’s procedure for that. According to the last Schengen countries visa rejection report, Estonia was the Schengen country which rejected minimum visa applications across the world. hello sir hopefully you will be fine and good. House No. After France and Germany, Schengen visas to Italy, Spain and Greece were the most sought after in 2018. Two recent photos with Light grey background. This List Of Schengen Countries Is Finalized After Brexit. UK Visa Success Rate 2019. Friends, now you have known the answer to the question that Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan? Mn jb b Hungary embassy Islamabad (apni pending appeal k status k liay) e-mail karta hun to un ka reply ye hota hy. The reason is that this small Schengen country wants to promote tourism to generate more revenue. You can also narrow down further by selecting a specific consulate of that country. Latvia lies at the 4 th position in our list with the rejection rate as low as 2.4% in 2018. All those lodging a Schengen visa application at a Slovak consulate have a 95.8% chance of being approved. Schengen visa is difficult to obtain, many applicants get confused and are unable to understand the exact reason for their visa refusal. The Schengen Visa fee from Pakistan. Requirements for Iceland visa from Pakistan are almost the same as other Schengen countries. This is the point that is most important if you want to apply for a Schengen visa from Pakistan. Fun fact: Applicants from New Delhi had the lowest rejection rate for Schengen Visa for various popular European destinations in 2019. I think this appeal is useless and you should use other options now. The cheapest rate of Jubilee insurance company is PKR 2000/. Moreover, the Schengen visa requirements from Pakistan are the same as the whole Schengen area. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Good afternoon. I have 8 years of experience in my work Saudi Arabia I need a work permit any country of Europe. Its rate was 1.73%. The rejection rate of Schengen visa applications from Pakistan is very high due to the many factors. Whereas, in 2016 Malta … It is advisable to hire only the best Schengen visa consultants in Pakistan to avoid any dismay. Most of the visa officers are not ready to issue a Schengen visa from Pakistan. Schengen States issue 14.6 million visas for short stays in 2017. Statistics published by the European Commission reveal that more than 16.1 million applications for short-stay visas were lodged at the consulates of the Schengen States in 2017, 6.3% more than in … For medical treatment, the letter and medical reports issued by the local hospital and acceptance letter of the foreign hospital will be attached. Hungary Embassy in Islamabad collects visa applications from Monday to Friday. People usually ask about the easiest Schengen visa or put this question, ”which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan?”. Embassy can call you for the Schengen visa interview but it is optional. Make it clear that you have mentioned the treatment cost and period in the letter. Provide as much documents as possible to convenience the visa counselor that you are going for a visit and will return back on time. On analyzing the facts, we have come to know that the easiest country to apply for a Schengen visa from Pakistan is Estonia. Schengen visa has the following two major types. Keep in mind that you need two fresh color photos with Light grey background and the Schengen visa photo size must be 35x45mm. The applicant will have to provide these documents to the embassy. The rejection rate was relatively low for each. The appeal fee is 30 euro, which will have to deposit on the spot. You can prepare your visa or immigration case yourself with the help of this blog. My Schengen visa application at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Pakistan was refused. You have to provide the registration of your organization and membership of the Chamber of Commerce and the business records with the Hungarian institutions. Visa Fees are in Euro and therefore may vary depending on the daily exchange rate to your local currency. Due to which it is a common question that What is the exact Photo size for Schengen visa. Top 5 countries with the highest rate of visa rejections. The Schengen area guarantees free movement not only to the EU citizen, but also to the non-EU nationals, businessmen and tourists. Finland is listed as the second country with least visa refusals in 2017 with only 1.13%, or 9,337 out of 827,520. The visa fee of all Schengen countries is the same for the Schengen visa. I have submit my application to Italy Embassy in Pakistan through Gerry’s According to the Schengen visa photo specification, your head must cover seventy to eighty percent space of the photo. Thanks.Useful article!. In Case of Visa Rejection. Aaj (as of 06-Sep-2019) taqreeba 1 year 5 months ho gy hn appeal ka koi jawab nhi aya. This visa is issued for free movement in the Schengen area and for up to 90 days. While Germany refused 156,393 visa applications out of a total of 2,049,055 it received, France refused 502,526 applications out of 3,684,404, meaning it refused 13.64% of the visa applications it received. The Schengen Visa fee for adults is 60 Euros. These papers will prove that it is really relevant to you and you have a deep interest in it. they refuse my Visa with below reason, advise me what to do. The more ties to Pakistan you will show, the more it will be easier for you to get the visa. Estonian embassies turned down only 1.61% applications last year. Hungry embassy in Islamabad advises submitting all original documents and photocopy set with English translation. The third most common reason is that Pakistani applicants don’t care for documents. Iss sy pehly mn England mn student visa pr 2 saal reh chuka hun r within time wapis b aa gya tha. The Schengen area covers 26 countries without border controls between them. Please note: The above visa fees must be paid in cash and in Euros at the visa application centre. These documents will prove that the applicant has sufficient funds to spend during his Schengen countries visit. We can say that now it is not easily possible to cheat them. 44000 Islamabad”. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan in 2020. Friends, if you consult a professional photographer, he would aware of  Schengen visa photo specifications. The rejection rate of Schengen visa applications from Pakistan is very high due to the many factors. Schengen area. of all Schengen countries. While also being the country with the highest number of visitors wanting to go there, France is also one of the four Schengen members with the highest rejection rates because it denied 15.7% of the applications it got in 2017. 12, Margalla Road, f-6/3 after that i wanna go to Luxemburg for my further studies. because this visa unfolds the massive Schengen area which covers 4.3 million km of landmass and 26 countries in the European continent. A Flight reservation with the date, flight numbers, entry, and … Now the consular section of any Schengen country embassy is overactive and has more resources for verification of documents. You may ask, what is the schengen area? can i get that visa on my first apply? They usually make fake cases and papers as well. Pakistan tops. So It Is Final Schengen Visa Countries List. In fact, the number of Schengen uniform visa applications has been decreasing for five years now, except for last year. Accordingly, 3,628,404 decisions made and 3,179,235 visas granted, 439,949 applications rejected, 9,155 applications withdrawn and 65 applications lapsed. If a child is traveling with one of the parents, then the other’s permission and Nadra B form are necessary. Its cost may be up to PKR 3000/. Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad House No.12, Margala Road, F-6/3, IslamabadTel: 051-2823353 Fax: 051-2825256. It does not mean that you will have to pay 30 thousand Euros to an insurance company. Pakistani citizens going to a country via Hungary will have to get an airport transit visa to enter the International Zone of the International Airport. Hi Aslam, brother you will have to get job offer from that country where you want to go. The more ties to Pakistan you will show, the more it will be easier for you to get the visa. With a rejection rate of only 3.7% Luxembourg, which is also the second country with least applications received, looks like a good deal for Schengen visa applicants. Then you will be able to apply work visa. The people who want to get a Schengen visa from Pakistan, usually search on google ”which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan”. The decision on the appeal will be declared within 15 days. The second reason is the attitude of our people. This also means you will have to wait less to make an appointme… Lithuania is the easiest Schengen country to get a visa from, with only 1.3% of the short-term applications rejected in 2018. Employment letter issued by an organization in which you are an employee. Well, you are quite rightly concerned because unfortunately Pakistan is amongst the top 5 countries with highest refusal rate of UK Visa and Immigration applications. However, the number of applications received has not surpassed that of 2014, when 16,725,908 visa applications were received, which is around 500 thousand more than in 2017. If the Embassy rejects your Schengen visa request, then you have the right to appeal after removing the objections. The other low visa rejection Schengen countries and their ratio are given as under: Poland : 3% Luxembourg: 3.7% Slovakia: 4.2% Czech Republic: 4.7%Greece: 4.9%. 80 Euro Schengen visa fee. You can export the statistics table as a PDF or CSV format. UK Visa Consultants are one of the most experienced immigration consultants in Pakistan for handling Schengen visa applications. The basic condition is that you have the visa and ticket of the country where you want to go. Schengen visa photo size creates some confusion for applicants. Immediately after the White House published a proclamation of the United States’ outgoing President Donald Trump, which announced that the entry ban on arrivals... Digitalisation, personalisation and talent will be the key points that would help Spain's tourism sector revive from the devastating situation provoked by the spread... Iceland has updated its COVID-19 entry screening procedures for all arrivals, by abolishing the option for travellers to self-quarantine for 14 days instead of... Austria Closes Three Border Crossings With Slovakia, Requires Registration of All Arrivals, Sweden Bans Residents of Uruguay From Entering Its Territory, Denmark Allocates €6 Million to Western Balkans Countries to Help Them With Border Controls & Repatriation of Migrants, Iceland No Longer Exempts Children From Compulsory Quarantine, WTTC: Unvaccinated Travellers Should Not Be Discriminated Against, ETC: 20% Increase in Number of Europeans Planning to Travel in Spring, Spain Plans to Establish ‘Vaccination Certificate’ to Recover Tourism Sector, Biden to Block Trump’s Plans to Lift COVID-19 Restrictions for Travellers From Europe, Spain to Start Recovery of Tourism Sector in April, Iceland Makes PCR Test at the Border Mandatory for All Arrivals, Followed by 5-6 Days of Quarantine & Second Test. If we talk about the first reason, it may be the worst value of Pakistani passport in the world. Lithuania is the third with a rate of 1.19% visa application rejections, Estonia the fourth with 1.21% and Latvia the fifth with 1.55%. thanks. In 2014 Belgium was listed above Malta, as the country with the highest rate of visa refusals. Data shows that while the refusal rate in 2017 was 8.2%, in 2018 it increased to 9.6%, which means 16.5% more applications were rejected. Flight Reservation and Daily Itinerary. The visa rejection rate for Schengen from Pakistan is very high. If you want to attend a conference, you will have to submit an invitation sent by the foreign organizer and your registration fee receipt. So prepare your case carefully and apply with full confidence. These are also known as Schengen area countries. If you have questions regarding … There are plenty of genuine reasons for high UK Visa application refusal rate from Pakistan. The second Schengen country with the lowest rejection rate is Finland which rejected only 1.7% applications in 2018. They had provided two main reasons for rejecting my visa, both of which made no sense at all. Now you can know Schengen visa requirements, which are given below. In this way, they remain failed to convince the visa officer that they must return to their country within the time frame. For the third consecutive year Malta remains the country with the highest rate of visa refusals with 25.23% of visa applications rejected in 2017, or 9,557 out of 37,881. It is another fact that there is no Estonia embassy in Pakistan. Whereas fourth and fifth were France with 13.64%, and the Netherlands with 10.10%. The percentage of visa refusals is even higher than in 2014, though the number of applications received is lower compared to that year. Second in the list is Belgium which rejected 16.01% of the Schengen visa applications it received in 2017, 15.32% in 2016, 14.0% in 2015, and 16.9% in 2014. Valid passport, which has at least two blank pages. Most of the visa officers are not ready to issue a Schengen visa from Pakistan. Your email address will not be published. The following are some of the most common reasons why Schengen visa application may be rejected. Mera original passport aur deegar documents Hungary embassy k pass hn. They only gather routine papers and do not try to show strong ties in the homeland. Moreover, people interested in getting a Schengen visa from Pakistan never examine the visa rejection reports of the relevant countries. So you must study the visa rejection report of European union before applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan. It will be useful for both tourism and business purposes. The visa rejection rate for France from Pakistan is very high. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 Before knowing its exact answer, let me tell you about the Schengen area. Travel Medical Insurance providing 30,000 Euros cover. The consulates and embassies of Schengen countries around the world have received more short-term visa applications in 2017 compared to the two previous years. As you know, the Schengen visa allows visiting any Schengen country. Thanks. 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Iceland has been keeping this position since 2015, when Lithuania and Latvia which were listed as the first in this regard in 2014, increased the rate of visa refusals by their embassies in the following year. Schengen visas allow those carrying them entry into and unrestricted cross border travel for up to 90 days across any of the 26 European countries that are party to the Schengen Area agreement first introduced in 1995. Also, attach the receipt of the paid expenses. The condition is that you will have to enter your main destination first. Sir mene Czech ka visit visa apply kia tha isi year feb me pr nai laga ab me frse dec New Years k liye jana chahta hu lithuania me celebrate krne or ghumne 7days k liye sir please btaye kya mera visa lag jaega ek bar rejection k baad b, Your email address will not be published. For the third consecutive year Malta remains the country with the highest rate of visa refusals with 25.23% of visa applications rejected in 2017, or 9,557 out of 37,881. In 2014,… sir main crotia ka visa k lie apply karna chata hon is ka tareeka bta dain. Hungary is also a part of Schengen Area and Pakistani citizens need advanced Schengen visa to enter this country like Estonia. The second reason is the attitude of our people. You can find a list of Schengen countries below. Regards, Consular Section No body can copy or reuse our content, copyright case will be launched against such person. Required fields are marked *. The Schengen visa is one of the important visas for travelers like me. Documentary Proof of Hotel Booking or other arrangements for accommodation. The number is higher than in 2016 when France refused 11.13% of uniform visa applications and in 2015, when it refused 9.9% of the applications. “Dear Applicant, If you are applying to Hungary embassy, then the appeal must be in Hungaria or the English language. While the average rejection rate is 8.78% in 2019, only 3.29% of applicants from Kolkata had their visas rejected. As per the statistics in 2016, over 550,000 thousand Schengen visa application for Netherland was received and out of which only 480,000 visas were approved with a rejection rate of a whooping 8.73 %, One of the highest rejection rates among all the Schengen countries Myanh Hoang. In exact numbers, it rejected 73 visa application in 2017, 12 in 2016 and 2015 each, and 37 in 2014 . Belgium. Slovakia. Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad Visa fee for children between 6 to 12 years of age is 35 Euros; Children younger than the age of, diplomatic and official passport holders, students accompanying teachers on a school trip and those with an EU-national family member don’t have to pay a visa fee. Iceland is the third easiest country to apply and get a Schengen visa from Pakistan. Your nationality really doesn't matter in the decision process (unless you are from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, etc.). We are revealing here the latest report for your convenience. A reason for a visa refusal could be presenting a passport that is not kept in a … I came home, sad and depressed, and started reading through the rejection letter. My application reached Dutch Immigration Service (IND) on 2 May 2017 and under consideration. No problem, you can apply there with full confidence. This may give you an idea on how to appeal or reapply. There are different types of Schengen visa for the Netherlands, for which an individual could apply. During this process, you will have to provide further documents that strengthen your case. Visas application is not collected without the following documents. For visa applications there will be a VFS Global service fee of EUR 35.5 (PKR 5107) for each visa application which will be charged in Pakistan Rupees. Provide as much documents as possible to convenience the visa counselor that you are going for a visit and will return back on time. Which Schengen countries have the highest rejection rates? 6 months bank statement of your account and credit card. From 51.9% in 2015, rejections went up to 55.6% in 2016. This article will make you aware of Schengen visa rejection rate and help you understand the procedure and the most common reason for Schengen visa rejection. Dear Pakistanis, I want to apologise to all those whose family visit visas were rejected by my country. The Schengen Visa fee is not refundable in case the Visa Application gets refused or you decide to terminate your application. Instructions: Select “Country” in the dropdown below to get the list of Schengen Visa statistics. The rate of rejection in the year 2018 was just 2.1%. The Schengen visa is a short stay visa for the schengen area. The most important highlights of these statistics are as follows: Try to understand this logic that if you apply in an Estonian embassy with complete documents, the expected chances of success are 98.39%. Then comes Latvia With a 2.1% rejection rate. Other countries experiencing a similar percentage of rejections were Pakistan… “Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided”. This depends on the purpose of visit such as tourism, spending time with family members & relatives, attending a workshop or participating in a social activity. Provide as much documents as possible to convenience the visa counselor that you are going for a visit and will return back on time. However, the Hungary Embassy in Islamabad collects the Schengen visa application on behalf of Estonia and Esthonia. In the year 2018, the rate of visa rejection from Pakistan was just 2%. sir now iam studying in Turkish republic of north Cyprus. Whereas, in 2016 Malta rejected 21.13% of the applications and 25.2% in 2015. Further on, these statistics reveal that Norway’s embassy located in Pakistan tops the list, as the one which denied the highest number of Schengen uniform visa applications. If an applicant wants to visit Schengen country for business purposes, then the invitation letter of the corresponding Hungarian company is a must. Copyright © 2021- All rights reserved. It means this country issued a Schengen visa to 98.39% applicants. The applicant will have to provide these documents to the embassy. Iceland stands on the third position among low visa rejection Schengen countries. Iceland is currently the leader of the pack with over 99% of its Schengen visa applications accepted in 2017. Schengen visa requirements from Pakistan are the same of all Schengen countries. You can search job online by visiting different quality websites. So the result will be a rejection of your Schengen visa application. Yes, it is the Estonia visa that you will have to apply from the Hungry Embassy instead of the Estonian Embassy in Pakistan. Expressing this in percentage terms we would get a large increase of 20% of visa denials. On the other hand, the rate of visa refusals has hit four-years high in 2017. The rejection rate for the 6,644 applications made in Abu Dhabi stood at 17.9%. I have submitted an appeal, stating all my reasons for traveling there. According to the Official Statistics in 2019, 3,620,891 Entry Clearance Applications submitted from outside the UK. While Italy received as many as 1,844,140 visa applications, Spain received 1,701,379 applications, and Greece was listed fifth with only 855,285 applications. There is no definite place that states the success rate for certain visas from certain countries based on your nationality.

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