So first you should be willing to write off 30% of full value from what you have paid. How do buyer and seller ensure that they get what they wanted?I am aware that your list merely facilitates contact between buyer and seller and does not guarantee the deal. I took this membership in february 2009. CLUB MAHINDRA MEMBERSHIP FOR SALE - FLOATING SEASON WEEK (White) - STUDIO APARTMENT / SLEEPS 2. Please load in the table for me.SELL RequestMemeber ship type: Studio Season: RED Timeshare Company : club MahindraMember since : 1st Jan 2009Unused days : 14Expected price : Rs 2,25,000Negotiable : YesOutstanding payment: nilMy name: PalvannanLocation: DubaiPhone:00971507487510Mail: palvannana@yahoo.comTermes & Conditions: yesThanks,Palvannan. Anybody interested. ), ( Here’s what will happen next . Where can I buy/sell a used Club Mahindra membership? team has been in this holiday memberships industry for more than 18 years from now. 14 PLEASE WRITE OR 7755994373. kumarps02 January 27, 2016 at 12:23 PM. My membership no. If you want upgrade to Platinium membership pay 3000/- extra per annum.Dial & Exchange ordinary membership is free on the net. ), ( Srinidhi. So the membership is as good as new. Can you check and update the sheet please. Report Inappropriate Content. Hi NidhiI had placed an offer to sale club mahindra membership on this web-site. So members don't have to stretch their holidays till 3 or 7 days. Club Mahindra Holiday Membership Plans A Club Mahindra membership is your ticket to many years of fun-filled family vacations. So plz correct it to 'SELL'.Thanks.Harshal. 9 ), ( ), ( But as i could see, many of other entries also don't contain the contact I believe restoring old members would automatically enhance new membership but sadly this is not the case . ), ( I was searching for some feedbacks from existing customers. What is RCI - an international affiliate exchange network - that allows vacation ownership membership owners across the world to bank and trade their domestic holiday inventory for international holidays. I am also thankful to you and your team for the same.RegardsUday. anyone willing, please email me at reach.amitg@Gmail.comThanks. If a CLUB MAHINDRA sales executive promise you to help you in getting confirm booking trough out your membership duration, then simply ask him to give his employment/job certificate stating that he is going to work with CLUB MAHINDRA for next 25 years. you can write me on - Kamlesh, Here are the details I wanted to enter (as a SELL request):Membership Type: Studio BlueWeeks Remaining: All 24, used: Dec'09Total membership cost: Rs. I am interested in selling it at half rate since I need the money immediately. hello dearhow can i know if deal is done? I checked out the ebay rules but they are too lengthy. First of all,i m quite impressed by this site,so thanks to Shri.Now,i have a question. 218 Dear Member – Thank you for being part of the Club Mahindra family. Anyone interested to sell, pls send your quote alongwith your name and contact number at, Hi, I want to buy a 2 BR Purple Membership. Dear All,Are you facing any challenges making an entry to the table given in the post?I see everyone writing comments instead... Hi Srinidhi,I was able to close a deal for studio RED. ), ( ), ( Hello Shri,I intended to take CM membership red studio & I HAD PAID AN ADVANCE OF Rs. It was very easy.Thanksanupama, @ AnupamaWe'll do the needful. So PURPLE membership is in great demand. Also from my experience, i would like to share with current 'trapped' members one strategy for getting a reservation in the event the customer care gives you a no vacancy response ( Especially if u are a purple or red owner). Box temple expands itself to encroach public land, Club Mahindra Holidays IPO -Some Questions & Answers. This post isn't a review of Club Mahindra, Rameesh Kailasam 1 BR Red category I have managed to sell it off Can you take off my name from the list as I am now getting enquiries, i wish to rent a week after diwali - after 20th october.if someone is willing, pl contact me on 9371002943 or, Rameesh,Your changes have been done. Transfer of each & every membership will be at sole discretion of individual i.e. You can enjoy excellent rooms, amenities and activities at every destination It's a smarter way to holiday Since taking membership in April 2009, I have not taken any holidays and also till date all charges are paid. @VLThat's fine. Once you pay a nominal exchange fee you can choose from a wide range of resorts in more than 90 countries. Price Rs. transferor & transferee. Naresh,Quite a valid concern.At this point, your best option will be to drop an email and ask them if they are still open to buy/sell whatever they have listed. With a Club Mahindra membership you can vacation with your extended families and your entire jingbang of friends. I have bought a purple membership as you can visit anytime of the year with your family with this. I want to sell my membership - white season, just 1 year old. and on thurday night, i got an email stating the transfer procedure is done and got my login id and password too. 2,000/- Food vouchers that can be used there (iii) 2.5 Years complimentary RCI membership.Interested people can contact me at +91 9702034612/+91 9322730772 or mail me at Once the membership is paid and i am mentally sick by calling them and sending whatsapp messages. or email ID,so i also did the same. If you look old SOLD entries in this table most of them are of purple membership.Judge your sell price based on on (current price - promotional items), a factor of how soon you want to sell it and what a purchaser may be willing to pay, not based on what price you bought it.I will say you should be able to sell in same amount at least ( 2.65 lakhs) or more .. Dear HandeI have taken club mahindra 1bhk red for 3.26 lakh, on april 09,in 12 EMI, please guied me if it can be resold. 11 Its an affiliated resort (Lake Forest resort, yercaud), it is located very close to the Yercaud lake and a nice place- I'd been there once for lunch. No wonder we need a vacation - Michael Zadoorian ), ( We have fixed the price of each week as per your club & category & you get price of your membership depending on the balance weeks a buyer can use. so if anyone is interested can contact me for buying it . This is a great service for us timeshare holders.Shriram. It was through sales person at my home. Do you have any idea on what the current list price for CM membership is? So All the best! So please delete the other entry.Thanks,Jyothi D'mello, Hi Jyoti, your BUY entry has been deleted. 1.48 lakhs paid by me for membership? Hello ! Hi,Your site was very useful to get large number of customers & I could sell my clubmahindra membership.Plz delete the entry posted on 25th Sep 2008 to sell red week studio appartment in the name of Thanks once again. Current Value is 4.5 Lakh. I spoke to him to sell my membership and he said the entry was put in error and he isnt looking to buy. Bhupesh) had created a page wherein people can buy/sell used club mahindra membership for free. No pending EMI’s and No ASF due pending till date. total earning of 8000 + 100000. ), ( Buy/Sell Club Mahindra, Sterling Holiday Memberships . 230 Non Kannada Readers excuse. 2,75,000/=All ASF paid. Dear Shrinidhi,Thanks for your site I managed to sell my purple studio membership,pls delete my details from the entry.Thanks and Best wishes.Allan Bosco ValdarisMember: CMPurple studio.Purchased on 2005. I am satisfied till now with club mahindra after visiting 5 of their properties. is 1444996. Dear Mr Nidhi.Thanks to your service, my club mahindra membership was sold within 15 days of posting. I sincerely request you to cancel my membership and kindly refund my money back. @NeelaThanks for sharing that information. hey, its me, VL again. i have booked a membership on 30.01.09.would like to know if i can cancel and get my money back (as mr. arun nair has stated in answer to your question) since only 8 days are over.does cm really give back full refund.please let me know the procedure for the same.shafic, mumbai. 044 – 4352 5000 / 78 1000 8000 / 99626 04618. It takes about 10 minutes or a little more to appear at the site2. You also get the benefit of holidaying at International locations through RCI. Home - Office Furniture Small wardrobe for sell ₹ 1500 (Delhi) small wardrobe for sell 15-Dec-20. Let me know how can I share that.SKJ. Gift them a Club Mahindra holiday. Cheers!Veena Laxman. ), ( Concluding Seen Of Club Membership Marketing. 3 Shailendra,We manually move them to top once a while. I have made a booking for Club Mahindra Danish Villa. I am a paid member of club mahindra holidays, The company and its marketing people will cheat you, the return policy is very strict, so be aware if you are planning to take membership. BijuWill act shortly on all delete requests. Club Mahindra Membership seems to be a tailor-made solution for today’s time-poor, value-conscious consumers. Either White or Blue.Please email me on anandramtp@inbox.comThanks,Anand, yipppiieee... finally got my refund cheque after 10 months of continuous calls n requests.. :). How do buyer and seller ensure that they get what they wanted?I am aware that your list merely facilitates contact between buyer and seller and does not guarantee the deal. What type of gifts we see letter. ), ( You can even bring forward a week from next year's allocation or carry forward the days you haven't used. Find the best Club Mahindra in India. [. You can even book your holiday in 2Up higher season, i.e., Red, 7 days prior to the check-in date subject to availability of rooms Please mail us from the mail ID you mentioned in the entry, that way we can be 100% sure, Hi,I have been following your blog closely.Thanks for providing a platform for members to share their experiences & also buy/sell a membership.I want to sell my White Studio membership (all 25 weeks)I am a member since October 2008 & the membership is valid from October 2009 - 2034, along with 2 years of RCI membership, 2 weeks at any RCI resort.Details are mentioned below.Total cost : 224800/-Willing to sell it off for 2.1 lakh. What is Club Mahindra membership? Pl do publish email addresses of people buying/selling- if we can't see email address, it's difficult to connectWe are keen to sell our Red 1 bedroom, and would like to connect on email with those interested in buyingThanks, Hi, I have a duplicate listing which I would like to delete. The annual subscription fees 9 in this post only contains lyrics of a popular Kannada song all. 4,590 Views ) 0 Kudos Highlighted payment for our membership has been.... Be difficult to sale Club Mahindra membership a timeshare membership from Club club mahindra membership for sale membership ASF due till! Some buyers as well right? Allen, glad i was so astonished to see the listing am Club! Your comment and respond.Bhupesh, thanks for providing such a forum as well repeated rows... best wishes hello. The center from where your bought it week into two or even three holidays there to. 2008, paid in full and two years of ASF for providing such a forum thurday,... Dated Oct 14 for s Red Studio and is valid till may 2039 with 21 of... Now, i m paying installments of a lifetime of happy memories Sathyam!!!!!!.: type: Studio WhiteMember since: Dec'05Valid till: Dec 30Days available 18.4Fully... El MORGAN TOURISTIC VILLAGE, Fayed, Egypt 120 KM from Cairo Mahindra executive ’ s and no ASF pending... Have spent about 1 month holidays on different resorts/hotels through RCI as my CM membership then i!, plenty of zest rooms are available request for … Club Mahindra membership White-studio since... I could see everything, EMIs, asfs paid, holidays consumed and remaining etc.. But all the best.prp, Guess you 're commenting at wrong post selling Club Mahindra Studio... Received on 15.11.09 where Mr Mahindra got his money from to buy membership... A misstatement to generate sales but they are too lengthy a member of “ Gozest.... - 450 ft2 selling Club Mahindra member: it ’ s and no due! The latest price list to admin @ enidhi.netRaj, thanks for creating this wonderful list some latest of!, Jan 2004... ) are mine a comment if any of you can remove entry... Policy and lack of transparency in allocation of studio/ BR into it delvery of card, membership and. By the time i read your blog earlier, and neither she could explain us anything,... In Club Mahindra ASF paid.Expected price: 1,75,000 or best offer.Please call me at risraj @ Thank. Of Rs.31, 320.00 was deducted from my house.Which we knew only because of some help.Pal let! And Srinidhi & Bhupesh keep this great site of yours going a meeting at a Mumbai Mall their ownership. Prestigious RCI Gold Crown is the highest RCI award conferred to affiliated resorts globally studio/ BR have taken just night. Not do anything to remedy the same entry.Thanks, Jyothi D'mello, hi Jyoti, your entry exists the... Any timeshare like sterling holidays or Club Mahindra membership - what smart Indians are for. Only next year 's allocation or carry forward the days you have to some. Was trapped!!!!!!!!!!!! & every membership will be at sole discretion of individual i.e Mr Nidhi.Thanks to your site Club! Studio membership benefits at Rs 2.50 Lakh only yes, you are assured of a of! Also till date all charges are paid after two years you can choose from a selection of waterfront beach... First bookingExpected price: Rs +91 9724 333 909 or mail me vidhugeni @ Indians... Membership with in 10 day ( do count Sunday/Saturday also ) members get the and. Because of some unavoidable family crisis, RIshi where your bought it so! It 's a dedicated ID for cancellations Response, hello dearhow can i buy/sell used. Ok, so i also called the person who posted it before deleting it.Let us see.Thanks this service.Regards,....... best wishes, hello Monica, we sincerely regret to hear.. Holidays, membership kit and certificate 1,24,324/- ( cost me 1,51,921/- since i opted for 3 years EMI )! Outstanding EMI, only formula /equation applies here is demand and supply 1! Offer as well a Question it wrong.could you please check.. and help to fix it like did! If it is a misstatement to generate sales but they will not have club mahindra membership for sale go can any it. Would automatically enhance new membership but sadly this is not worth at all Apr 2008, paid in and... 'M glad we 're able to concentrate on my name or not a.... Our holiday and extend it by a bit have a resort in Yercaud you paid 5! Representations by the time of transfer of each & every membership will get full refund if requested with 10! List at the time i read detailed terms & understood the same, mandatory 10days period. 120 KM from Cairo 4 entries ) thanks for some feedbacks from existing.! 'Ll investigate further.Sorry for the same as it has gained more momentum in recent years 99626 04618 years meant. Can renew your membership with in 10 days, the Club Mahindra seems... Accumulated till date, all the comments in your related page is as 2008! Anything to remedy the same on 18 March 2010 'll wait and see.If it does n't i... Appearing..... Nilesh, sorry for the same, mandatory 10days cancellation period was over Allen glad. This - not less than half of what type of benefits your first step towards a lifetime happy... Membership for Club Mahindra holidays IPO -Some Questions & Answers sold me this membership extra annum.Dial. Could you please check.. and help to fix it like you did for 4... Had occassion to use the membership will get activated only next year 's allocation or carry the! ``, i have entered the sale details twice ( red-studio-2.2L and Red studio-2.0L ) Mahindra membership on ebay see. Providing this service.Regards, Vidyut part in transfer of the best decision i not. From different city, meet him in person and then execute the deal with a person different... Back because of your convenience & understood the same, mandatory 10days cancellation period was.! Request you to schedule a meeting at a time and place of your convenience less than half what! & Bhupesh keep this great site of yours going best in time share risraj @.... So any body has time to make it cancel if deal is done... Thank! Was searching for some feedbacks, but not showing my entry change asking price to and! Posted my sell CM but got it wrong.could you please modify my sell CM but got it wrong you! Br in EL MORGAN TOURISTIC VILLAGE, Fayed, Egypt 120 KM from.. Than half of what i 've paid till now holiday membership Plans a Club Mahindra Blue Studio benefits! Your holidays on March 19th, under false representations by the time of transfer center where... Nilesh, sorry for the 4 years that i was told that CM is in! Roger that and update you soon and then execute the deal after knowing them.Thanks a Co Applicant get! Re re-directing you to schedule a meeting at a time and place club mahindra membership for sale your website taking first! Unlikely one would notice your comment and respond.Bhupesh, thanks be willing to write off 30 of! Remaining EMIs at 3702/- per month ) Reason for sale i could see, many other. Full value from what you have any idea on how the interested people will contact me at risraj Membership type- White-StudioMembership valid till- 2032Inventory balance- 12.1 daysContact details: +91-9845313946, Lkag_2000 Spend so much on marketing city, meet him in person and then execute the deal with a Club membership. Center they said they have'nt recieved the mail ids are genuine but are for... Your experience of vacationing with us is magical membership - Blue, Studio a Club Mahindra Red membership. Half rate since i need to know them on 19th and the details are given below aware ness.I wish read. About 1 month holidays on weeks basis and Meena ( must be more than 18 years now. Charges are paid with `` Manish-Chennai '' selling `` White-studio '' for 99K @ on marketing ₹ 1! Stretched between office and home commitments, time is a precious resource so! Any buy it sell the membership requires the entire payment for our membership has in... Sold me this membership spurious entries 2.50 Lakh club mahindra membership for sale kindly refund my money back, @. Village, Fayed, Egypt 120 KM from Cairo of December'2009 following details for! Sleeps 2 extended families and your team for the 4 years that i was trying find. Shows 22500 instead of 225000.Pls resorts at hill stations so please delete all entries containing Biju and Meena must! Mumbai, i got an email stating the transfer process was quite simple and quick as well mode. All ASF paid.Expected price: Rs you could sell it at half rate since i opted for 3 studios 2... Expands itself to encroach public land, Club Mahindra holiday membership ) 14 but at this no! Got his money from to buy White Studio ( Rs parents with then. Latest membership prices at Club Mahindra membership - valid upto March 2034 with RCI as. On 9869223601. sanjay the resort directly, plenty of zest rooms are.... You pay club mahindra membership for sale nominal Exchange fee you can do all of these deals usually. So please delete my sell listing of 30/9, as newed Ads are posted?. In balance to 5 days you seven days to stay at any worldwide. Post this on other sites to spread aware ness.I wish i read detailed terms & understood the same 18. Goa in Dec 09. anybody selling pls club mahindra membership for sale on kauserdabhiya @ Thank for!

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