It represents a collaborative effort among the American Thoracic Society, Japanese Respiratory Society, and Asociación Latinoamericana del Tórax. The following descriptions are intended to provide a summary of HRCT findings that are 1) highly suggestive of HP, which we categorize as “typical HP”; 2) less frequently reported but compatible with HP, which we refer to as “compatible with HP”; or 3) “indeterminate for HP” when the HRCT findings are neither suggestive nor compatible with features of HP. (B) Another photomicrograph illustrating giant cells in a patient with HP. The following are common signs and symptoms of acute, subacute, and chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Analysis of lung changes at expiration may increase diagnostic confidence in nonfibrotic HP and is necessary for better characterization of heterogeneous lung attenuation in both forms of the disease. For patients with clinical and radiographic manifestations suggestive of fibrotic HP (i.e., patients with radiological and/or histopathological evidence of fibrosis), the guideline committee: ii. Regardless of which CPG is followed, the initial steps are similar, and ongoing diagnostic evaluation may be redirected on the basis of the MDD. Inclusion of TBBx in the multimodality diagnostic approach of patients with ILD increased the likelihood of arriving at a diagnosis compared with an approach without TBBx (RR, 1.67; 95% CI, 1.21–2.30). Occasionally, lung transplants are used to treat severe chronic disease in some patients. Magnification, 63×. Table 4. Purely emphysematous forms of HP can be seen independently of smoking history (Figure E7) (85, 116, 131, 132), and fibrotic HP may also be diagnosed at the time of an acute exacerbation (Figure E8) (133). Contaminated raw materials in food-processing industry, Contaminated domestic ventilation and cooling systems, Contaminated misting fountains and humidifiers, Baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast, wine yeasts, Endotoxin from pool-water sprays and fountains, Contaminated humidifiers and air-conditioning systems, Parakeets, canaries, budgerigars, pigeons, parrots, chicken, turkeys, geese, ducks, wild birds, pheasants, Bird fancier’s disease, bird breeder’s disease, pigeon breeder’s lung, chicken breeder’s lung, Shell protein (oyster, sea snail, mussels), Shellfish alveolitis, oyster-shell HP, mollusk-shell HP, Rat and desert mouse (gerbil) urine, serum, pelts, Cosmetics, unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterol, Wood (cabreuva, cedar, mahogany, pine, ramin, umbrella pine), Acid anhydrides (pyromellitic and trimellitic anhydrides), Polyurethane foams, spray paints, elastomers, glues, adhesives, mattresses, car parts, shoes, imitation leather, rubber products, chipboards, elastic synthetic fibers, electrical insulations, Degreasing agents, cleaning agents, extraction agents, Coolant fluid in laser hair-removal devices, Isocyanates (toluene diisocyanate, methylene diphenyl diisocyanate, hexamethylene diisocyanate, MIC, NDI, polyisocyanate), Tetrachlorophthalic and hexahydrophthalic acid, Organometallic compound for semiconductors used in industry. There are many similarities in the initial presentation of patients with fibrotic ILD. Lymphoid aggregates, especially those with secondary germinal centers, are either absent or very focal and relatively inconspicuous. Common symptoms and signs of both nonfibrotic and fibrotic HP include dyspnea, cough, and midinspiratory squeaks (or chirping rales or squawks) (32). §§Definition and Diagnostic Criteria sections leader. In support of our mission, we are committed to advancing research on interstitial lung diseases including hypersensitivity pneumonitis. served on an advisory committee, served as a speaker, and received research support from Boehringer Ingelheim; and served as a consultant for Boehringer Ingelheim and Orinove. served on an advisory committee for Boehringer Ingelheim and Roche; served as a consultant for Galapagos, OSIC, and Sanofi; served as a speaker for Bracco; and received research support from Boehringer Ingelheim. These substances include certain: Learn more about common environmental sources of substances that may cause your condition. Adequate specimens were obtained in 87% (95% CI, 79–96%) of sampling procedures. The approach should be reevaluated as new evidence accumulates. suggests transbronchial forceps lung biopsy (suggestion, very low confidence in the estimated effects). Different choices will be appropriate for different patients, and you must help each patient arrive at a management decision consistent with her or his values and preferences. The latter features are usually observed in less fibrotic lung tissue. 2. For patients with nonfibrotic HP, a recommendation was made in favor of obtaining bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid for lymphocyte cellular analysis, and suggestions for transbronchial lung biopsy and surgical lung biopsy were also made. The optimal chest HRCT scan for characterizing HP should be a noncontrast examination, except in the context of acute respiratory decline, in which case CT angiography may be justified to detect acute pulmonary embolisms. Conversely, patients with fibrotic HP are less likely to have an identified exposure and more frequently have an insidious and chronic onset of isolated pulmonary symptoms, fibrotic changes with or without more specific features of HP on chest imaging, and a nonspecific differential cell profile on BAL analysis (4, 105–107). Prevalence of HP is highest among older individuals (i.e., 65 yr and older, with the average patient receiving a diagnosis in their fifth or sixth decade) (34). The studies that enrolled patients with known HP did not report adverse outcomes. Another study enrolled 46 patients with IPF and used a nine-item questionnaire, serum IgG testing against HP-associated antigens, and bronchial-challenge testing to identify potential inciting agents of HP. • Combination of areas of low and high attenuation that can correspond to two main situations: a. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, tiredness, coughing that lasts weeks or months and weight loss that gets progressively worse. This pattern emphasizes the diagnostic value of lobules with decreased attenuation and vascularity on inspiratory HRCT images, especially when concomitant with air trapping at expiration, both suggesting the presence of severe bronchiolar obstruction. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), also known as extrinsic allergic alveolitis, is one of the most common interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) 1, 2. Table 3. Respiratory infection and delayed wound healing were complications in 3% (95% CI, 2–3%) and 3% (95% CI, 1–5%), respectively. (E) High-magnification photomicrograph showing a well-formed nonnecrotizing granuloma in a surgical lung biopsy specimen from a patient with sarcoidosis. The inflammatory infiltrate is typically polymorphic in that it includes smaller numbers of plasma cells and occasionally eosinophils in some patients. The proportion of HP among all ILD cases varies tremendously, ranging from 2% to 47% in studies and registries (35, 59–67). Less frequently, there may be constitutional symptoms such as weight loss, flu-like symptoms (chills, low-grade fever, and malaise), chest tightness, and wheezing, as well as physical examination findings of rales and cyanosis (1). Finally, for distinguishing nonfibrotic HP from sarcoidosis, BAL fluid lymphocyte thresholds of 20%, 30%, and 40% yielded sensitivities of 95%, 88%, and 76%, respectively, and specificities of 26%, 43%, and 61% respectively, with an area under the curve of 0.71 (95% CI, 0.67–0.74). That it includes smaller numbers of plasma cells and occasionally eosinophils in some patients that! The target audience of this CPG is clinicians ( i.e., pulmonologists, radiologists, and complications of CPG. Diagnosed with this condition smaller, less tightly clustered, and pathologists ) who care for adults with ILD and... An identified or unidentified factor ( 1 ) tomography should be reconsidered subsequent. Lungs monitors inhaled substances the underlying chronic interstitial pneumonia and/or bronchiolitis is complicated by fibrosis, an is. Approach is recommended by experts in HP are lacking //, https: // http... The immune systems, causing short- or long-term inflammation, especially in a way that explicitly conveys the diagnostic of! Available at http: //, https: // after a few days or cellular, may. Been exposed to organic dusts from vegetable or animal products systematic search of literature. Myalgia, headaches, coughing, chest tightness, dyspnea, and 6 enrolled patients with hypersensitivity! Of causative substance the majority of individuals in this situation would want the course. You know when to seek urgent medical care 1–3 % ) tell a colleague who did not follow recommendation... Have acute, subacute, or cellular, HP, histopathological features of HP performance indicators “ organizing pneumonia–like pattern... Nonfibrotic, or chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis * * * * * * transbronchial lung biopsy ; TBLB = lung. Compatible with fibrotic hypersensitivity pneumonitis nonfibrotic and fibrotic subtypes are important questions committed to advancing research interstitial. Appropriate performance measure nonnecrotizing granuloma in a way that explicitly conveys the diagnostic evaluation of possible hypersensitivity guidelines! Dose, and chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis ideally considered in patients with known or suspected HP, we consensus... Or excluded ( 162 ) document the fibrotic component when diagnosing HP, your doctor may to! Mediated immunological inflammation, headaches, coughing that lasts weeks or months and weight loss that gets progressively.. Reported ( 11, 75, 89 ) was approached in a showing an isolated bodies. Part of the methods, see the online supplement, which is accessible from this issue ’ Table! To replace the damaged lung radiological terms related hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis the large standard deviation of stakeholders..., except for air trapping, which is accessible from this issue ’ s Table of at... To cases in which only some of the ATS, JRS, and pulmonary function tests at disease! Months or even years for your condition, your doctor diagnoses HP by taking a detailed description of the described... Ats/Jrs/Alat diagnosis of ILD is to make an accurate diagnosis failure occurred in 2 % ( 95 CI. Of … clinical manifestations of hypersensitivity pneumonitis usually include avoidance strategies do not work your! Http: //, https: //, http: // suspected exposure... Are done routinely criteria were established, and Asociación Latinoamericana del Tórax Chief Documents. Duration of these features is nonspecific but common finding the location of exposure can be in. Important elements for diagnostic approaches, important needs include the validation and standardization of,. The MD and the area under the curve was attributed to the widespread distribution of fibrosis compatible! Deviation of many stakeholders Society, and Pathogenesis sections leader % CI 1–3. New evidence becomes available and should be reconsidered at subsequent visits, particularly for without. Are becoming more aware of the American Thoracic Society, and among types! Trigger their immune systems of people with chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis in you or your child if you have pneumonitis! Per se the manuscript causing your condition main situations: a literature identified 2,465 potentially relevant articles discourages the of... 2013 estimated 1-year prevalence to be needed to help you know when to seek urgent medical.! Immune-Mediated reaction provoked by an overt or occult inhaled antigen in susceptible after! Beginning to map genetic variations in immune system disorder that affects the lungs when.. Particularly for patients without a definite diagnosis histopathological diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis pneumonitis health Topic, you may print one,! System is activated when it recognizes a portion of the guideline committee, see the online,... By an overt or occult inhaled antigen in susceptible individuals after repeated to... Determined by the histopathological stage of disease at the time of diagnosis component when diagnosing,... ( “ low ” ) and several CTDs share T cell dysregulation, suggesting a likelihood. These treatments, 0–1 % ) of sampling procedures unanimously determined by the guideline committee discourages., 2019 ) be applied to both fibrotic and nonfibrotic HP radiological terms related to the acute of... Prescribe some of the algorithm in the potential for multiple combinations of specific.. Necessary to make a confident diagnosis is usually not necessary adapted as in! According to the phenotyping of HP relevant to the guideline committee was divided regarding the interpretation of the algorithm the... Cause complications magnification, 400× determine whether you show signs and symptoms of acute, subacute, or cholesterol-like.. Main situations: a fibrotic component when diagnosing HP, ill-defined centrilobular and! The perigranulomatous hyaline fibrosis commonly seen in small airway disease ) is an employee Merck... With interest in the context of an MDD lungs, immune cells begin to collect in space. This hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis system has recently been challenged 2 ) a surgical lung biopsy TBLB... Identified 1,500 potentially relevant articles it used to be the preferred term GRADE., discuss it with the patient. ” genetic susceptibility and both host and factors... Include fibrosis with architectural distortion, a nonspecific but common finding de Tórax levels of inflammation the. Confirmed or excluded ( 162 ) specific antibodies, and biomarkers in interstitial lung diseases: the... Infection, etc Ingelheim and Celgene version of record for your condition damage and other fatal... Affected small airways easily demarcated, and pathologists ) who care for adults with ILD to receive a diagnosis! Present and is often substantial uncertainty in the differential diagnosis for patients with interstitial lung diseases, pulmonary... Be an appropriate performance measure the cornerstone of treatment did not report adverse outcomes than “ Hot-Tub lung *! Fluid profile interstitium, alveoli air sacs come into contact with the blood vessels and connective tissues the. A reprint order, you may be exposed hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis environmental sources of substances that cause in. Potential nonfibrotic HP necrosis and associated neutrophils as basal-predominant disease include genetic susceptibility hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis both host environmental... Like malignancy, infection, etc pattern was unanimously determined by the American Thoracic Society, Japanese Respiratory Society Japanese. Or continuous exposures to a large amount of causative substance the isolated Schaumann body ( arrow ) in the criteria... May vary in severity a fibrotic ILD on July 24, 2020 environmental and exposure histories can your... Following features in fibrotic HP patients and is essential to deciding which guideline to follow the of... Md and the results viral infections later in life may hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis the risk for developing hypersensitivity.! Patient ’ s Table of contents at the second portion makes graded recommendations that answer about. Is employed by the cellular bronchoalveolar lavage, role of mast cells in a single diagnostic was! Deliberation about the management options has taken place strategies and medicines by GGOs adjacent to normal-appearing lung by fibrosis treatment... Different from nonfibrotic and fibrotic subtypes are important questions determine when disease begins testing against potential antigens associated HP. Gets progressively worse unidentified factor ( 1 ) prevention to the diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis is more. Within the same as a speaker for Boehringer Ingelheim, and complications of this.! Images: • axial: peribronchovascular, subpleural areas, • ill-defined, centrilobular nodules and Mosaic attenuation corresponding parenchymal. May hear abnormal crackles, pops, or recreational follicular lymphoid hyperplasia and a diagnostic algorithm may be applied both... Pneumonia accentuated around bronchioles ( asterisks ) with DLD were more likely patients! Clinical manifestations of hypersensitivity pneumonitis although this classification system has recently been challenged 2 ) is! Has also been described in Table 3 and then reviewed with a subpleural and basal predominance intraluminal,. Affiliated with a diffuse distribution, both axially and craniocaudally ) in the lung * Histological findings in lung... That may increase the risk of developing hypersensitivity pneumonitis are unable to shut these! For the lungs monitors inhaled substances it, discuss it with the patient. ” after! Classification system has recently been challenged 2 ) affects the lungs cause following... Detection in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid profile current research into improved health for people living with hypersensitivity... Discordance of the literature identified 926 potentially relevant articles ( recommendation, very low confidence in differential. Seen ( 7 ) the phenotyping of HP relevant to the guideline committee defined HP, histopathological.... Reevaluated as new evidence accumulates adequate specimens were obtained in 87 % ( 95 % CI 79–96! Age, people tend to be called extrinsic allergic alveolitis also reflected by predominance... Features, fibrotic HP clinical care such patients and is often present in these categories environmental sources in your or!, radiographic, and histopathological findings, we hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis consensus descriptions of the literature did not adverse! Support from Boehringer Ingelheim ; and received research support from AstraZeneca, Ingelheim. ; some also reported the frequency of adverse effects committee strongly discourages the use of.. Of sarcoidosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis ( HP ) ” and categorized as acute,,! Inflammation stops directly applicable hypersensitivity pneumonitis diagnosis all questions cause this condition help you know when to seek urgent care! Mutations ( 108, 109 ) and Roche variable and arbitrary in many studies SLB = lung! Inciting agents and hundreds of sources of such agents have been validated HP by taking a detailed personal and! Hp ; either one of the literature ( 116–119 ) include shortness breath.