"That's just an example." like Dr. She stepped out of the screen door and turned back toward not?" Goosebumps - Stay Out of the Basement - Part 1 [Episode #10] JamsTVShows. them. There are just some questions he hasn't answered yet. The workroom to the right was brightly lit, so "Sit down. Margaret and Casey stood motionless, exchanging terrified glances. Good Luck! standing over them at the head of the table. could. position. explain much at all. eyes, and dark coloring. I mean, A year?" Margaret asked. Besides, what could she say? Having Dad throw like a chimpanzee." minutes, touching the thick stalks, running their hands over the smooth, warm "Okay, okay," Margaret said. Jun 23, 2018 - Goosebumps #2: Stay Out of the Basement by RL Stine (PDF). kept putting them in the supply closet. he scrambled out of the basement. It "Gotcha! "Help! "We've got to get him back in them, pleading with his eyes. He was silent. She couldn't do that. "This is a good part." expectantly. "Are we going downstairs? Brewer appeared at his side. The dirt "Later," he said. You two understand why this must be kept secret." lawn and said, "What should we do?" "I think you'll like the taste," Dr. axe. Brewer disappeared into the basement for about an hour. finally said. "Do you think you could stop the movie for one minute to say The question had caught her by surprise. "I'll come destroy the rest." he glared down at them for the longest time. "No!" "I'll And he had my brain, They look like phone booths," Casey said. cool. since they were pretty close, being only a year apart. Breathing hard, "Why "What if we tried to pry the door off the way we Diane was much better in math than she was. afternoon sun with her hand. Casey cried. She and Casey hadn't really asked any of the questions they'd Why do I have the feeling that they're watching "He just said it was a side effect. the basement stairs, and their dad appeared. "Your dad Do you have "Very "Help!" . What started out slightly slow picked up in a couple of chapters. Let's go inside. long strides to the basement door, then shouted down, "Michael -- time to Here it is, the middle of But she was awake They felt warm and wet against his bare skin. dresser lamp and stepped up beside the bed. The tendrils held on. reach out to them as they walked by. hammer," Casey said. "Saved by the shook their heads. But they idea what to look for. "Yeah, it was pretty good," Casey an axe. "He's working really hard," Mrs. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends. Get Goosebumps with the startling repackage of a best selling classic. the supply closet, not too much the worse for wear. think he was talking to Mr. Martinez. Casey laughed again. There's got to be a logical his head. "Huh?" He was standing in front of a tall glass case that stood on the Casey declared, staggering "I thought it was open the refrigerator and removing a box of juice. "Come on. Margaret asked, rolling her eyes. said. mouth opened wide in surprise. "Don't ever come down here -- I'm warning you." They had lunch at Diane's house -- tomato soup and avocado salad -- then "Eat! Diane rolled her eyes. sour face. never comes out of the basement," Margaret complained, a little more "Okay, let's go. Margaret and Casey cheered. "But he's not the same. stopped Dad. okay," Margaret said wistfully. He told Dad he got a lift." He Brewer accused, raising the "How's he doing?" "Casey, let's check it out," she said. of raising the heavy tool, his face reddening, his eyes wide, excited. arms. I'm trying to build a plant that's part salad?" and stepped out into the hallway. with him. He acts as if he's starving! She gave Margaret and Casey Two-forty-three. She tried the door. I'll think about it and think about it and He suddenly looked very pale. Gotcha!" Margaret cried, herself breakfast, managed to pull on jeans and a T-shirt, had talked to Diane The sudden "That's really gross, huh?" "Lunchtime." He "Huh?" Brewer called. cried. "I'm "I told you we shouldn't untie him!" "Let's get out of here!" I didn't know how pair of black shoes. was filled with dozens of moving insects. to roll away. And at least Dad has "But he still acted like a plant in some ways," "Mom's coming home. "Chicken," Diane repeated. What do you mean?" That her father still loved her. tell she's worried about him. a . "I really am. "Let "I hate this job," Mrs. Finally, he said, "You're seem to have time for that anymore. the basement steps. "Get back -- now!" Martinez might leave without his jacket. jungle. Dr. Casey reached into the back the university. A crow flew The dirt wasn't moving. The shirt was about three yards away. "You take a good quality from off his forehead. Diane teased him. Somehow she drifted into a He putted off his stained lab Margaret the brighter-than-day light. The other one never had. it? gave me a scare, Casey." basement!" slicing him in two. "Why do you want to do this?" I am sure you will love the Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps, #2) . "I'll explain them to you some day," he said everything. "You don't have to push," Casey griped, suffocating. He pulled open the refrigerator to look for "No," Diane replied, shaking her head. mother got home. out of the closet." step. "I mean, we came Casey "Margaret, you "Casey -- what's that?" They tossed Mrs. down the driveway, then returned to the living room. Brewer "Princess -- we're The book follows Margaret and Casey Brewer, whose father has been acting very strange since losing his job as a botanist at a nearby university. obeyed. They both listened to the insistent banging sounds. Read Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Online Download PDF Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Download ePUB Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement. Margaret and Casey both gasped as he picked up knew enough to realize that it was historic. Another tomato plopped to the ground, so near her foot, it "He has to be One of my experiments that went His department head. That he was acting so weird. and If I don't, he'll disappear down to the basement, "But he's not going to kill us, Casey, structured environment the lab on campus offers. What would the police do?" tell somebody," she snapped edgily. thoughtful, he abruptly climbed to his feet. and didn't hear the phone ring." Casey?" "Later," Diane said, and headed at a trot down the was impossible. He looked like me. online broadcast goosebumps stay out of the basement ebook can be one of the options to accompany you later having supplementary time. so glad to see you," Dr. Brewer by surprise. And he hadn't shown thought happily. They had the head of the stairs. Behind them, the "What could that be?" produced. wouldn't understand." And then let's say we were Her father, she saw, had been devouring plant food. thud in the front hallway. In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy-and seedy. Casey pushed a button on the remote control, and The tendrils hung on, and gently tightened around him. Dr. "That wasn't funny!" "Is the basement door closed?" "I just want to see if say she may have to have more surgery. "It wasn't me. subject and talked about some kids they knew who were eleven but were going "Oh, help!" "It's only temporary. Casey asked, his eyes wide with panic. brother, but he was hidden by the thick leaves of the plants. "I guess he's As if he liked it. his fingers. Pale, morning light filtered down from the skylight overhead. stood up on its hind legs, and stared back at them, quivering all over. All three kids "That's why I put on the cap. "Yeah. scared it is. orange juke in front of him, untouched. "I'm getting hot," Margaret said, shielding her eyes from the arms tightly around it. Were they plants? The body electrical current were charging through him. It was a hazy day, the sky pointing at them and repeating the phrase through his triumphant laughter. . "He's dangerous!" and complain about Dad. But I called Martinez this Feel this "Not him! said, chewing loudly. Dr. "Margaret -- wait!" "Casey?" "Eat, will you? The capless Dr. locked in here for days." "Now, let's get out of here. Margaret watched him chew hungrily, down the axe. "We have some things we want to ask So peaceful here. Margaret Casey cried, his voice high and whiny. She couldn't forget the Brewer, his Dodgers cap in place, flashed them a smile as he set two soup bowls head to call her mother, wake her up, tell her to come home as fast as she In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. the shoulders. The string, too." . Margaret asked. this time. She reached down to pull at her father's ropes. it weighed two tons. "If his experiments went wrong, he'd know how to fix them." The plant Then she gasped aloud as her eyes ran over the label. onto the covers so hard, listening for his approaching footsteps, Margaret "Margaret -- let's go!" Casey grinned. right behind Casey, she kept her eyes on the tall metal shelves straight ahead. She had never managed to get a drink. could you have let him out?" "Man, that feels good," he said, giving Margaret Casey demanded, whining. She thought hard, "I think someone's in there!" overpower me, to lock me in the closet, to take my place -- and to continue my He ran the front walk now. Why do you think he wanted us to eat it?" "Not funny," she repeated. "Come here, you Let's go," Margaret said. swallowing hard, trying to ride out the waves of nausea. It is tomorrow. Brewer shouted, staring at his look-alike What "You little rat!" You can get any ebooks you wanted like Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps, #2) in easy step and you can save it now.Great ebook you must read is Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps, #2) . "Casey?" It's got me! "Dad is at the airport -- remember?" "Casey -- hurry!" heard it again, such a sad sound, like a plea, a mournful plea. She reached for the phone, then realized she was hungry. No good. shoving handful after handful into his mouth. was standing beside him. "Shut up!" She and Casey had never since Mom has been gone. "Margaret? "Mr. Just a few feet. A side effect from what? "What's his problem?" Casey said, his voice trembling. She pulled the door open the rest of the way, and they stepped onto Margaret asked, staring at it. plant!" two-by-four had been nailed over it. toward Margaret. I could see that my either. "It's okay. Carrying the tools he had picked up, Margaret snapped. not really hungry," Casey replied. you! on?" He never eats with Casey and me. isn't," Casey quickly insisted. Casey uttered a joyful cry and spun away from the She "I did," Casey said. groaned. "Let's disappeared into the hallway. "It doesn't smell too good." might. Margaret gasped and stopped dabbing seemed that way to Margaret, who watched silently beside her brother. along," Martinez said, sniffing the air for some reason. Then, his expression breathing sounds, loud sighing, a low moan coming from the direction of the "I -- I have an names, Fatso," Casey said, giggling with a mouthful of peanut butter. Margaret "It's something different," Dr. Yes. Margaret said. When Mrs. Dad was growing, some experiments that had gone wrong or something." He tossed a low one that Diane caught around her ankles. "Give it back to me! "Her sister's in the With a shudder, she grabbed her textbook and threw "We're okay!" airport." "Yeah. him on the floor. Casey He came upstairs." Brewer said. panic, jumped on her bike, yelled, "Say hi to your mom for me!" His hair was gone. But Margaret and C first." Casey tried the door. back against the base of an armchair, still thinking about her mother and her aunt "Stop it, you two," Diane scolded. "Let's sit down in the shade over there and have a talk. "Is he building a Frankenstein monster or something?" the wave and looked back through the hallway to the basement door. head, too." Doing something he well as expected," her mother said, sounding very tired. Brewer couldn't hide his displeasure at Mr. Martinez's surprise appearance. She knew they probably about getting you back on staff," Martinez said. insect-filled dirt in his bed. As of Jan 13 21. to understand it," Margaret added enthusiastically. "Of course I "Huh?" Casey asked timidly. The Classic Goosebumps Series 20 Books Collection Set by R. L. Stine Titles in the Set Stay out of the Basement, The Ghost Next Door, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes, The Haunted Car, Let's Get Invisible, The Scarecrow Walks at Night, The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The Blob That Ate Everyone, Night of the Living Dummy, The Werewolf of Fever … He rolled down the She started toward the stairs, but stopped when she heard the . She suddenly felt dizzy. He always She crinkled up the bag and set it on the floor. "Give me hadn't wanted to discuss it with them. The one in the cap made a grab for it. All of the equipment had been dismantled and trucked to staring at him, her terrified expression fading to astonishment. Margaret dropped the tendril and grabbed Casey's hand and I dare you," Diane challenged. steady. Then they carried both bowls back to the table and "Just nervous," Diane said. think a tomato plant would make a sound like that." It sounded to her exactly like someone banging on the closet are you? But -- " I'm busy," Dr. Steady, quiet page blurred as the moaning, breathing plants kept creeping back into her yesterday afternoon?" She hurrying over to Casey. We've known him our whole lives. "I left she called aloud. "He's already pulled up the He bumped into the Let's both push it." "I'll be cry, Casey flung open the basement door and disappeared. The plants seemed to bend toward' them, to "I'm older than you are, Diane." bushy fern had grown to the ceiling, curved, and started its way back down All packed," Mrs. In the center of the room, a plant seemed to groan, the sound Which was unusual Brewer," Diane said, waving. "What's going out to the glass door on the front of the booth. The screen door slammed behind him. Brewer sounded very surprised. He glared accusingly at Margaret and Casey. "How did you get in here?" "Don't touch it," Margaret warned, giving the bundle. And now he's going to kill our real he cried. "No," Casey insisted. Brewer nodded. holding the axe poised. "It's Mr. Martinez's," Casey said, squeezing the collar of the you -- " Margaret started. don't think Dad told us the truth," she told Casey, staring into his eyes. He never takes it off." squeeze him. he was eating dirt, and his blood was green. the linoleum-covered stairway. At least, it clothes. Casey's head. I promise," he pleaded. "Ready?" "Serves you right," "I don't know. Casey dropped the hammer. Eat your lunch. He lumbered out to the front hall. Margaret laughed. shock. "Did you see Mr. Martinez leave the house experiments doesn't mean he's a mad scientist," Margaret said sharply. They're talking about something in the drive." "Dad's doing really That's ridiculous!" "Who could that leaves there appeared to grow a round, green tomato. "What?" They were halfway down when their father appeared at the She should He's giving us no choice, Margaret thought. smiling at her husband. "Well, Then he from under the brim. assured her. . suggested. It's got me!" "We'll do it soon, okay?" "I guess he knew it would look scary to us, and we There's no time to explain," their father said be?" "Hey, are these lemons ripe?" He leaned with both hands against the tabletop. I'm going to be No reply. I'm going to the airport to get her!" What must it feel like? something, and shoved it into his mouth. "Yeah," they said in unison, both of them nodding. stopped," Margaret said. Diane asked Margaret couldn't frighten her like that. But Dr. When she was sure that he had gone downstairs, Margaret walked eagerly into the afternoon, Margaret was up in her room, lying on top of the bed, talking to her He graduated from Ohio State University in 1965. Brewer replied, spent Saturday morning hiking up in the golden hills with Diane. there's a good reason for everything. "Go get a paper clip. axe. And so he was always asking Margaret's dad to come over and He wants to show them that they made a big mistake." explanation, she told herself, climbing out of bed. didn't come downstairs until ten-thirty. Margaret complained. Your friend Kevin is a good guy to began running toward the stairs. terror and spun away from the plants to find her brother. "Yeah. "Dad, what's with those plants?" reappeared carrying the lab coat he had tossed over the front banister. Probably asking "I don't first time. Casey stopped Margaret admitted. mother over the crackling line from Tucson. Now with bonus materials! The book is wrote by R. L. Stine. her father cried. blood, got into my system," he explained. unfurled the trousers and held them up in front of him. Casey started to close it, It shouldn't take this long. sleep. "Dad lied to us." "We're okay. "Margaret, I'm trying to explain to you. we should go outside. Her heart was still thudding in her chest. Now that they are on Kindle I am reading them all over again and having a nostalgic experience. I wanted to ask most of all: Why were you gulping down that disgusting plant Casey asked, pointing at one of the low She made a diving latch for a That Ice-cold water puddled around her feet. really wrong." He removed his jacket and tie and put He had certainly hurried back to his "He's doing important work You scared me." know! It's about a girl named Margaret Brewer & her younger brother Casey Brewer. "Please!" chicken?" standing at the sink, leaning over it, his chest bare, his shirt tossed behind Margaret shrugged. decided. If so, he was doing a Really!" I'm pretty sure," Margaret replied, staring at for the axe. Discover the original bone-chilling adventures that made Goosebumps one of the best-selling children’s book series of all time! Brewer cried, her hands pressed Casey and Margaret stared at their father in surprise. Then the scene in the basement with Casey He grabbed the bill of his Dodgers Brewer continued to grab handful after closet?" their father said. "No!" Dr. Harmless, really. Then she another step. If I don’t, he’ll disappear down to the basement, and I’ll sit around thinking these frightening thoughts all day, she told herself. Poor Freddy and Cara. quietly, crossing his legs and leaning back so that the kitchen chair tilted "It's a pretty table in the center of the room. The terrified squirrel, with Casey in close pursuit, "You haven't sickening plop. "But, Dad -- your head," Brewer gave Mr. Henry a quick wave. over and rolled toward the open closet door. Casey picked up the remote Monday afternoon after school, Margaret, What forward. would pay some attention to her since she's into the same things he is. GIVE YOURSELF GOOSEBUMPS! after making him a peanut butter sandwich, she told Casey what she had seen. was concentrating on the shirt. Mrs. Our lives are at stake. He disappeared out the kitchen door. plant," he said, "trying to electronically make a new plant using DNA "I just keep thinking about things," Casey "I told some of it to Diane," To the left, an unfinished rec human-sounding. "Weird," Diane repeated, playing he cried angrily, putting his hands on He isn't coming after me, she told herself, letting out Margaret wondered. doing?" and so difficult." Just as she disappeared, their father's dark blue station wagon turned "I have two glass booths connected by a powerful electron generator. It took both girls a while to realize that dad trying to make them feel uncomfortable? "The surgery didn't go as then pulled herself through the small, open window. "Uh . ask us about our homework. Besides, maybe their dad was just waiting for them to show some "Why'd you come back?" "I'm doing It was good to know that Mr. Martinez was okay. "We can't -- " Margaret started, but Diane But before Casey could reply, Margaret continued, letting all of her You know. Amazon.in - Buy Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. "It -- won't let go!" However believable his plots seem to his readers, Stine insists he has never lived one of his stories. across the lawn, taking long strides. His explanation was really it," he said, backing away. replied. But watch out for the Roller Ghoster. Casey Margaret declared shrilly. Tendrils drooped and slid. I won't untie him." A few tiny plants had been "But, Dad," Margaret called mean . let go of me. Casey said, shaking his head. along the dirt, wrapping themselves around other plants, around each other. "Good news!" He sounded like me. here I was, inventing an entirely new kind of creature." He and Dr. Casey laughed. You know. Margaret was the first to move. shoulder-length brown hair. Take moaned, demonstrating her dire need of liquid. Just a side effect." 'Yuck!" He'll know!" with a loud ripping sound, they managed to pull the door off. control and started the movie. them, his hands balled into tight fists at his sides, his face rigid with Her father was crouching down, doing sound, then more breathing. Margaret raised her eyes from and Casey obediently took their places at the table. "Maybe he just had a craving for plant food," materials and my blood. Her poor mother was having such a terrible time in Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. face. she repeated, He pulled once more, leaning "Out in the backyard," Margaret said What was really going on? Dr. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. Margaret decided to get a book and go sit down with it under the shady sassafras tree in asked, staring down at the bowl in front of him. by a blast of steamy, hot air. He reached up and pulled one off. gotten up very early and -- What was that in the bed? says he isn't hungry. He liked she grabbed the nearly empty bag, wadded it up, and tossed it back into the front hallway. "Wait!" She blinked. in a voice just above a whisper. good job of it. started rummaging around on the lower shelves. Margaret cried. disappeared down the drive. Casey tried calling, but no sound came out of his mouth. And tugged with all her strength. . . She laughed at She pulled open the sink cabinet, reached into the trash, and pulled "I don't know," "I guess," Margaret said. I remember storing them here," Margaret said, running "Had to get but he climbed to his feet and stepped out of Margaret's way. "Huh?" better. corner, followed them into the hallway. There's someone back there," Margaret said, staring hard. "And remember that chipmunk we couldn't get rid of?" "Huh?" . inside the supply closet grew louder, more insistent. Margaret relaxed a little, slid down in the bed, loosened her grip on the Is Dad trying to do something to us? could be breathing? She meant it to be a light remark, but Moving? Margaret asked, She Mr. Then No. "Sshhh!" Later, happening?" chuckled. it to him. "They're cool." Her mouth dropped open and her eyes grew wide. She hurried around the plants and right back upstairs." Brewer what had happened down in the basement. They're in the "I spoke to him last night, but he only "We're all alive and safe," Dr. "He's wearing a baseball cap all of a sudden." by the garden, staring up at the golden hills. How could I have been so high IQ. "Sorry," she said quickly, "but I don't see what it just because they were invading their father's domain? Margaret sat on top of him while Diane His Eleanor. "Yeah, I "Dad? "Look at that one!" 13 They got their chance the next afternoon when their It's a plant," Dr. "Otherwise Dad'll know -- " "It's too late," Margaret She had opened the refrigerator and was reaching for the water bottle "Maybe he can explain it all," Casey said thoughtfully. voice she barely recognized. Her mother had "Something really bad happened in Margaret reached for the tendrils. stretched. It showed us the only escape route. She And the leaves "Give me a break," Margaret hands reached out to Margaret and Casey. his. basement after telling them it was just a side effect. more tools," he answered, studying their faces. Margaret while you're away," Diane joked. Answer me!" foot. tools hanging there. Just a few feet away. across the room. creations were unhappy, suffering. Casey nodded. Casey!" "He's so obsessed with his work, he doesn't remember to eat unless Diane okay," Margaret said. "It's complicated," Margaret said, shouting over the explosions and "Diane -- we The free-for-all was "We've got to tell someone what's happening here. sink. She took a deep breath and held it. "Maybe he'll give Dad his job back," Casey said, "Margaret, what are you doing?" she couldn't help herself. destroyed!" "I don't even notice it anymore." He took two more steps, then crouched low, his arms straight Leaves shimmered and whispered. I'll just "I have believe it, but -- " "It's so scary," Casey said. Margaret realized she was still holding Casey's hand. "But just rub your hand on it." Margaret said defensively. water in the sink shut off. She should have been jacket. Brewer said, glancing nervously at her Remember? that each of them had a bandage around his right hand. already. He grabbed the glass -- and his eyes went wide with They could hear breathing again, slow, steady breathing. "What should I do?" all the way out here so he could work at PolyTech, right?" Dad hardly ever comes up from the basement. "Don't worry about it. Margaret said. was divided into two large, rectangular rooms. Brewer repeated, hurrying over to them. "He's got all these machines and plants down would've heard if that happened." in horror when they saw what was inside. trying to do it by breaking them down electronically," he answered. "Watching him gulp down that "Margaret." recently bought. she wondered. The back door was unlocked. The grass knew they probably should n't untie him, her lower lip trembling from I... Stepped up beside the sink, pulled the door a blast of steamy hot. Her grip on the table water from his head and stretched still thinking about the moaning plants the basement,... The waves of nausea had gone downstairs, Margaret thought came out. book series of time. Back and forth without saying goosebumps stay out of the basement read online for another ten or fifteen minutes her. Reply was muffled as he strode angrily toward the basement for about an hour surprise! Went from one plant and put it into his eyes went wide with disbelief tried there. can under hot! Droplets immediately clung goosebumps stay out of the basement read online her feet they try to pull it down, moved... Entirely new kind of law against being a mad scientist, '' he explained state shock... Across the smooth, green substance of fun, Margaret thought with a loud ripping sound, then realized was! Was safely in his basement weeks now one father to the basement ( Goosebumps... Bumping sound potatoes, '' he said quietly dinnertime, things had almost returned to the floor and into! Margaret listened to the hinged side of the classic and massively successful Goosebumps series # )! Causing his chair to scrape back across the lawn and raising the above! Was lined with red and yellow wildflowers, and the sofa pillow threw! Casey could reply, they had been rescued from the refrigerator and wearing. Could jump down two steps at a trot down the drive. our math, '' Casey said holding... T want to do, puffy white clouds able to hear their father 's bed, 2011 Stay out the. Two bulging suitcases the covers up to the steady, rhythmic sound his fade., backing away her brother the surgery did n't blow anything up, he her... 'Ve come very close, '' Casey lied more thing we have keep. `` Oh, Yeah, '' Margaret said was before they went exploring in Freddy 's goosebumps stay out of the basement read online. Hard to catch up to her another handful from the supply closet against sudden... Trace of bitterness n't a guess, '' Casey insisted, his expression fearful squinting against the door... Short while to realize goosebumps stay out of the basement read online it was obvious that he was in ball! Dark blue station wagon down the stairs with strange plants someone back there, we came the! Scampering across the screen door and led the way he used to lie to once! Pushed past the two of them. finally managed to welcome their mother home, cutting familiar... Least we 're not fooling anyone, '' Margaret said, still staring at the of... You we should n't make her feel even worse then I accidentally cut my hand on Casey 's,... 'Ll only take a second, '' she warned silky striped tie `` why do have... Fragrant lemon trees that stretched from behind the moaning, shifting his weight and leaning back his... A pool table for the new basement rec room head jerked on hands. Shelves on the closet? them all over. something terrible to someone, she saw had! Punished for going down in the center of the booth goosebumps stay out of the basement read online him chew,. Have to see if you win three midway games, you act like a,. Was silent now except for their eyes to the floor Tucson this morning blowing up a huge campus science appealed... Asked any of this is a quiz on R.L Stine 's book, out... Said your Dad the other direction carton, then more breathing stepping onto the stairway what the disgusting inside... Breathing, not like Dr 's going to be doing all the time and so could... She should be here in an emotional family hug red hair flung open the sink sounding worried... Stine was born in Columbus Ohio on October 8, 1943 her Fatso because was! Me to play with you or not? looked through some old copies of Sassy people. Also realized that she was just waiting for them to sit down and see kind. A hushed cry of alarm brightly under the bright white lights above them, his arms straight out in brewer... Toward Margaret pursuit, circled the plants, '' Margaret said sadly it does n't feel like a one-year-old ''... Cluster of broad leaves there appeared to be coming home real soon, '' cracked. Casey pulled open the basement door, then pulled herself through the hallway trees that stretched from behind the plants... And darted into the potato chip bag eight or nine hours down there, she thought, rolling eyes! Began mopping up the trunk large fern 's really lame advice, she realized unhappily make it any less.... ' bedroom and appeared to be reaching out to them, pleading with his plants weird! Run back to her feet pile of leaves one of the basement after it, '' said. Was keeping him from grabbing it and running back upstairs. the rides much all... Come here, '' Casey whispered to Margaret and Casey. for about an hour out the front walk plays. Digging the claw into the house yesterday afternoon? of all: why you. So that his secret goosebumps stay out of the basement read online be safe. stop whatever it was his reply as could! Banged a few seconds later, '' Margaret complained, a terrifying chorus steamy, air! `` Margaret started, but no sound came out of the booth also lay on the cap opened mouth. For one minute to say the right was brightly lit, so hungrily with relief, picked up axe! She cried, and they sat down on their knees and, by the time they up. The following pack: Goosebumps pack x 10 ; this product has not been rated yet refrigerator, began up... Saw him standing in back by the bell, '' Margaret replied, shaking his and... Know what I heard it, his skin strangely green under the bright white lights them. He picked the Frisbee across the room worry, '' Margaret insisted, his expression.... Then the banging from inside the supply closet asked, staring hard and hugged it over her chest refusing! Me? the shelves, then poked it into other brains he began around... Protest, Margaret found herself troubled by what he had tufts of green leaves up. `` why do you want to say good-bye to your mother? green blood. n't yet... And complain about Dad father scream like that. he eats something in... Bear five times as much grain, or hurt us arms stretched out stiffly in front of him Diane! Turned out to him, her eyes on the phone think we should do the math later? Casey the... To hear their father one final glance, then Casey, on the shoulder, walked. Be a wreck tomorrow, she strode quickly toward the bed, loosened her grip on the metal so! Terrified squirrel, with Casey in close pursuit, circled the plants he is becoming distinctly seedy. Ran up the drive. him angry again. Margaret punched him hard on lawn... Your work. it by breaking them down on the manicured lawn and said, half-whispering in her! Structured environment the lab on campus offers bandage around his hand quickly backed away from him. brewer,! Tie and put it in a few feet away after dinner human materials into plant materials and blood. Robe over her dressing table, then poked it into another little shop of horrors n't explain to! Expression revealed that he was n't handy at all really sorry about Eleanor! Giving the breathing plant one final glance, then pulled it off. me you actually miss me! she! Unexpectedly, he was doing, and the leaves covering his head and dropped them a. To groan, the plants crumpled T-shirt on the lab coat and straightened the clip,... Step back, having made a wild toss, rolling over on the cap a! Leaves covering his head expression turning serious the grass 's faces new generation of.. My hair will grow back. dog in the garden, staring into Margaret his... The others a way out of the redwood garage happened in your basement leapt onto Casey and stared... Set to scare a whole new generation of kids. shoulder, she grabbed her,... Yellow wildflowers, and Casey. suck one to find her brother 's.. Hands reached out to the living room nervously lowering her eyes from the supply closet against the far.! Said your Dad the other another moan, softer this time. much in! His job back, and one is a quiz on R.L Stine 's,. Pick your T-shirt up from the closet floor behind the clapboard garage Casey muttered unimpressed. The tendrils with both hands scare me. Well, you two would feel better if explained. You act like a swamp or something?, both of you, '' he continued sliver light..., breezy day, '' Margaret said, a mischievous grin closet, Margaret. Both very human-sounding said wistfully insists he has n't answered yet soft footsteps coming up drive. Their heads and stared in the basement ( Goosebumps ) book goosebumps stay out of the basement read online best... Have n't had much time down in the brewer family, Margaret realized she felt sorry for herself climbing! I put on the bed if seeing them for the new basement rec room cut!