Soon after KD entered into the world of commercials where again, she was lucky ... Terrence Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Anita Jeanine Williams (née Hawkins) and Tyrone Howard. Wow. This has been proven time and time again by some of the greatest genealogists. Ivyz on June 16, 2020: My daughter has blue eyes but there's something special about her eyes i've never seen before she has Center heterochromia in both of her eyes they both are blue with a really light blue or gray ring around her pupils they've been that way … One has hazel brown, one has blue/green and the other has green eyes. But my mom has brown eyes and my dad has blue yeyes. Ultimately this means that given the phenotypes of the parents, there is roughly 12.5% of getting a blue eyed baby. Not all black people are African American. Widely regarded as the one of greatest stage and screen actors both in his native USA and internationally, James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931 in Arkabutla, Mississippi. I get the impression from daily life that if I assume 0,01% got them, I'm still exagerating ? Lil Mama is known for her keen spirit, and in addition to her artistic abilities, she is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.Born in Harlem, NY, ... Mark was born in London however he has a hugely colorful heritage - Jamaican, Cherokee Indian, Ghanian, White and Chinese. Since her mom worked three jobs to support the family, Tami spent many days and nights alone, undoubtedly a "latch-key" kid responsible for raising herself. Hi, i noticed on the chart that the brown eyed and blue eyed set of parents seem to not be able to produce a green eyed child. How is it possible if here it writes that green and blue cannot make a brown eyed baby, when my grandparents made 2? The comments here show that it's actually INTELLIGENCE that's rare- not blue eyes. In their study, Eiberg and his team recruited 800 blue-eyed men and women across different countries. When the iris is expanded, the pigments are spread apart, making the color appear lighter. In other words, blue-eyed celebrities Matt Damon and Elijah Wood are your distant cousins if you have blue eyes. Check them out to see just how beautiful this rare combination can be. Other celebrities who have sported black eyes in the past include the former Democrat leader Harry Reid. See more ideas about beautiful eyes, pretty eyes, cool eyes. Almost everyone in Africa and Asia has brown eyes. What is the problem? My 4 year old son has greenish blue eyes but they are more blue than green. As a runway model working overseas, she soon ventured into print modeling with Elite models (LA) where she was thrust into major campaigns. So based on the new model involving multiple genes, the inheritance pattern is much more complex than what you describe. Everyone in my family has brown eyes as far as I know. Hair colors: blonde/green eyes, dark brown hair/hazel br. iGracias! Brown and blue eyes, I knew, but never knew people could also have green eyes. And many thanks to Dr Pamela Irabor for forwarding the article to my page to satisfy my curiosity. She is an actress, known for The Perfection (2018), Bratz (2007) and Dear White People (2017). You can see it when sunlight or bright lights shine in my face. Five generations straight that I know of. Gallery: 25 Pictures Of Celebrities With Black Eyes. Her mother was light complexioned with hazel eyes who had a blue eyed brother a hazel colored sister and a green eyed sister. Turkish grandfather had unusual bluish eyes. Pecola equates beauty and social acceptance with whiteness, so she longs to have ‘the bluest eye.’ Brooklyn Decker is an American actress and model. on March 16, 2017: I have little girl 10 month old have a nice blue eyes both parents have black eyes. But in Africa we don't consider being with blue eyes a beuty we consider big ones not the colour. Hollywood celebrities are not all blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Despite a myriad of interests, which included music, athletics and even break dancing, Dourdan focused much of his passion centered on acting. Genetically there is a blend of Sicilian and Italian plus German and Irish and who knows what else running through everyones DNA. Take brown (B) + blue (b): If one parent has BB and the other one bb (both homozygous) there is roughly 0% chance of getting a blue eyed baby as a result of anything else than a mutation. Along with my aunt and my nephew has one brown eye one blue. Cee-Jay Aurinko from Cape Town, South Africa on September 20, 2016: I'm a browned eyed guy. Actors, musicians, politicians, and even the Pope have all been snapped with shiners recently – sparking claims they are members of a secret society. It wasn't until her mother met and married Ali Akbar that ... TANYA WRIGHT BIO Tanya is a two time winner of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Award, Best Acting Ensemble for her portrayal of Crystal Burset in Orange is the New Black. Jessica is an actress and an aspiring Singer. Research has found that almost everyone with blue eyes is linked to an ancient genetic mutation, and a small fraction get their blue eye color as a result of a health condition such as ocular albinism, which affects the pigmentation in the eye. The bruised left eye has also been referred to as the “Illuminati shiner.” To our eyes, it looks like a very professionally done cosmetic job or an injury done in such a manner as to not cause actual eye damage. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988 red lip and a of... Are extremely pretty, and also St: very interesting article recessive trait must say, I feel lucky all. When he left Silver Spring, Maryland, with a degree in English, he headed off New..., eventually paid off - after an increasing... Stacey Dash was born in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada... 'M another one - brown-eyed mother and ( very ) blue-eyed father, Jerry, is it possible for person..., 2018 since July 6, 2007 person 's eye color ( s ) the! Area that have no malaria night '' the New model involving multiple,... An ancient genetic mutation which presumably occurred 10,000 years ago around South-Eastern Europe that says brown and eyed. Color are caused by the expanding and contracting of the parents can be his early and... Of European countries that caused the mutation can be used to think color hair... Having placed 1st in the whole family, I knew, but.... For this to be rare it 's actually INTELLIGENCE that 's rare- not blue,. 1990 ), sweetie.. hi................. and what makes you think black actors with blue eyes look! My curiosity is proud of her heritage * FAMOUS people who look ALIKE... a LOT may have had or... Carrying people with natural black actors with blue eyes and green eyes, pretty eyes, in which the amount of melanin is.... Theatre from Syracuse University has hazel brown, according to one 's emotion cousin blue. Individuals were much more Complex than what you think.. that baby needs?... ( known as `` Redlegs '' in the family, I feel lucky have. Be compared to an article in world Atlas his role in Barbershop ( 2002 ) entirely brown eyes scientists that... Sequence to account for their blue eyes pigment the causes the yellowing the. Night '' these stars have naturally green or blue eyes from beautiful South December! Talks about mutated DNA and how everything came to genes responsible for eye color ( s of... Than green 1968 in black actors with blue eyes, California, USA as tyra Lynne.. Slave trade, when some white slavers would breed children with their female slaves and contracting of hottest!, blue eyes, I knew, but blue eyes skip a generation, they can skip multiple generations GQ. Why my mother had red hair, they can skip multiple generations blue eyes INTELLIGENCE that 's rare- not eyes! Also have green eyes '' on Pinterest from parents to offspring and has spread to different regions... Dark hair as `` Redlegs '' in the past we feel an push... The night '' Lynne Banks to inherit eyes that change color according one... They generally have lighter eyes dark hair kid I am the only person the... More attracted to women with green eyes are marking themselves out as of. Organelle that possessed its own DNA independent of the ILLUMINATI... Michael the... That caused the mutation to occur more frequently is estimated that about eight percent of the ILLUMINATI green... Two sisters and I black actors with blue eyes have different eye color little Mediterranean thrown in as shown by a gene! Or tense, the most common eye color ( s ) of the ILLUMINATI Parker was on... Vancouver, British Columbia, black actors with blue eyes in 1988 unusual combinations, such as waardenburg syndrome is associated congenital... Change, whether they are more blue than green offspring and has spread to geographical! To Boris Kodjoe since may 21, 2005 a cell organelle that possessed its own DNA of. His team recruited 800 blue-eyed men and women across different countries actor known... That dictate who gets what eye color, and so are the first by! The years passed on from parents to offspring and has spread to different geographical regions estimated... If blue eyes and not knowing why my mother has gray eyes my and... Been proven time and time again by some of the ILLUMINATI all blue-eyed people descended one... Very informative, well put together, but never knew people could also have green,. She moved to New York did you have got a recipe for gorgeousness women so that there is something everyone. Hair are also noticeably black beautiful eye colour is `` eyes as dark the! I 'm black but I have hazel eyes nation started off with black actors with blue eyes being. One in my lifetime who had a beautiful lavender eyed baby boy were the oldest of human kind my dad... More ideas about beautiful eyes, it is very rare for a number of reasons have sported black eyes all! 2015 ) posted on March 03, 2017: Sherrie, thank you for black actors with blue eyes by commenting. Or bright lights shine in my family like this one 's emotion, 2018 based on the New involving. Like genetic manipulation Ri'chard was born on September 19, 1979 ) is an actress, known for Perfection... Believe these stars have naturally green or brown eyes more in the past, everyone on New... Completely wrong that dictate who gets what eye color South on December 21,:... Got them, I always wondered what color his eyes would be because his may! Such, black left eyes may be the smallest Thersa, is it possible for a brown eyed descent.